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(I haven't seen anyone post about this yet so I thought I would share, and perhaps get some answers in the process, as well.

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Does anyone have any additional information about FuRyu's release of a new Cardcaptor Sakura figure? This particular blogger doesn't appear to have much information aside from the greyscale model but after doing a little more Googling, here's what I've found so far.

Release date: April, 2014
Figure type: Game Prize
Material: ABS, PVC
Height: 190 mm // 7.5 in
Manufacturer: FuRyu
Manufacturer Price: 1575 ¥

I would really love to see what she looks like fully painted. In my opinion, a really sloppy paint job can ruin a perfectly good figurine. Sadly, she's in her "Catch You Catch Me" outfit that's overly used, but nonetheless--It IS our beloved Sakura! And any new figure of Sakura is better than nothing!

Does anyone else have any additional information about this release? (I'm also still holding my breath for this supposed CCS Nendoroid, as well.) If so, please share!

Also, I would love to get my hands on this whenever it becomes available. Does anyone know of any reliable websites where it can be purchased (with international shipping and without costing an arm and a leg)? Though I fear she will be highly sought out and priced way beyond what I would like to pay. Is it even possible to purchase one since it's intended to be a UFO prize, or is it only possible to obtain one through a personal seller? Sellers on eBay are already putting up pre-orders for her at nearly $40-$50 plus shipping, but I would rather buy from a much more reliable source.

Any help would be appreciated!
Please and thank you in advance!


  • Pre-order still available at AmiAmi!
  • Pre-orers also available at BigPfeiffer Collectibles! Thanks for the head's up, [livejournal.com profile] aumi555!
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    I just came across a website[http://www.bookdepository.com/Soryuden-Novel-One-Yoshiki-Tanaka/9780345496485] that says that Del Rey Books in releasing the first Soryuden novel on June 28.Can anyone comfirm this?
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    ... about Subaru,
    who was drawn kinda female-ish with long hair, that was falling bound over his shoulder,
    sitting on porch dressed in a white kimono (probably his onmyouji outfit) and smiling!

    I believe I've seen it on deviant.art once but I'm not absolutely sure on this.
    I tried browsing through keywords I put in without luck.

    please help find this pic!
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    I recently inherited a pretty much complete collection of Clamp Anime CDs. From RG Veda all the way up to Kobato. I really want to share all of this great stuff with the CLAMP community who I know love CLAMP as much as I do, but I am terrible at cleaning up images. Since a lot of this stuff is already available in some form, I figured the only way this would be worth my while is if I work on making some sort of a definitive digital collection of CLAMP's stuff.

    So, I am ripping all the CDs as exact copies (lossless) and scanning all of the jacket artwork at very high quality. But because some of these CDs are so old, the artwork really needs some cleanup work done, which I can't do. So I am currently looking for a couple people who are interested in this project. Or, if no one on here can, can anyone recommend a forum or something where I might find some people to work on this project?
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     Hi! I just started looking into CLAMP's old works. I'm wondering if there's any way for me to read Hagunsei Senki? I've tried to search for it, but I can't find it. :(
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    I would like to know if CLAMP will continue X and Lawful Drug.
    Sorry for my bad english.
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    Magic Knight Rayearth is coming out as a cheaper dvd box set. I was thinking of picking up the second season only since I like the boys. My question is, is it worth buying? I've never seen the MKR anime and don't know how faithful it is to the manga. What are the opinions of those who've seen it?
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    I'm not sure if this kind of post is allowed here, if not, please feel free to delete it.

    I'm finally ble to allow myself for TRC Album de Reproductions (the first one), but I'm hesitating between American and Japanese release. American publication would be cheaper, but I wonder about the quality of the publication in comparison to Japanese. Currently the price isn't a big barrier for me, but the language is - and I'd really love to read Clamp's comments for the art (I couldn't find translation for the first artbook).

    So I'd be really grateful for any advice or information that helps me to compare those two releases (such as quality of paper, the cover - hard/soft? - I'm kinda geeky about this stuff ^^"). I tried to research on this on my own, but failed...

    Thanks <3

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    Hi, I have a question about Del-Rey's english releases of xxxHolic. I just recently got into buying the english releases, and I noticed that some of the newer volumes have colored pictures at the beginning of the volume. I was wondering if this is new? Or did the older volumes used to have colored pictures too and the second editions don't? And does Tsubasa have colored pictures at the beginning of any of its volumes?

    Thank-you !
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    Does anyone know how many of the Horitsuba Gakuen comics are out there? I know of # 1-3, but is there a #4, and are they continuing to be released?

    Also, does anyone know if there is an Xxxholic Artbook in the works?
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    Hey All! Quick Question. Ive been out of the loop and have no idea what order to watch things now. I have xxxHolic Shunmuki 1 and 2 and Tsubasa Shunraiki Zenpen 1. Has 2 come out? will there be more? and what order should i watch them in? thanks! :)
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    Hey I was wondering, I live in the U.S. and I collected all four of the Tsubasa/Holic OVAs. Does anyone who can read Japanese know what the instructions say to be able to get this Drama CD. I want it, and I will be moving to Japan in late August. So hopefully it won't be until then. Thanks!
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    Hello =)

    I hope it's okay to do that.

    I have a question:

    Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us


    Who is she?

    It's obvious it's a CLAMP drawing but... Is it a picture of one of the CLAMP? Just a happy new year random character type drawing? Or is she a character from a serie I didn't hear about?

    Thank you so much for your help <3
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    I found this on photobucket (sorry for such a small picture =P It won't let me have any bigger)  and wanted to know where I can find more of them (transalted) >.< can somoene help?

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    I'm sorry if this sounds silly, but to those that have the means available to them to send in for the extra Syaoran figurine, which part of the little booklet do you have to cut out to send in?

    Also, since I'm illiterate in Japanese, how do you send it in? XD;; I tried putting the Movic page into a translator, but I'm still a little unsure and would be so grateful to anyone that can tell me if I'm right or wrong.

    We have to cut out the little ticket things from volumes 1-8  from the booklets and paste them on a post card thing, then write our name, address, phone number, and gender (? ...o_O)?

    I'd really appreciate any help with this! Thanks!

    I'm going to be asking my host sister if I can use her address, which is why I'm asking this. I hope this post is okay. ^^;;
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    Does the first season of Code Geass R2 blu rays come with first press?? Based on what cdjapan shows, they don't.
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    Is there a certain type of case something you could use to protect the clamp in 3d land figures? I want something that is clear and individual for each figure. Does anyone remember the big clear rectangle cases that were used for beenie babies. Is there anything like that, but on a smaller scale?
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    Where can I get my hands on some of CLAMP's dōjinshi works. Like 新宿純愛物語 and 孔雀明王陀羅尼. Is there a place I can purchase these???
    ext_1405340: ([TSUBASA] ecstatic fay)
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    I know I am way behind the curve on this, hahaRead more... )
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    Does anyone know if the mini manga at the end of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Album de Reproductions 2 art book has been translated? I've tried looking for it on Google, but no luck so far.

    If anyone can help, that would be greatly appreciated!


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