Dec. 2nd, 2013

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Today, december 2nd at 15h in Japan, the Card Captor Sakura mobile game officially ceased to exist. Now, if you try accessing it through the usual link, you are automatically redirected to the homepage of mobage.

When it was first announced, I really didn't think much about it, even when the 1st and 2d artworks were out I didn't quite get excited, but after seeing new artworks month after month getting better and better, seeing so many manga panels in full color and finally playing the game myself (in spite of the limitations that came with not residing in Japan...), I really came to like it very much and got pretty attached to it. I was really looking forward every end of the month to see a new CCS art from Clamp, it was like seeing a glimpse of what would a CCS artbook have been had it been released nowadays, and not 10 years ago...

Here are all the artworks released monthly the past year:


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