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Hey everyone! These are not my scans but instead part of a download of the newest issue of Newtype magazine that I found. This chapter was just too awesome to not share. ♥

MU link here.

ETA: Newtype also comes with an extra Kobato. article uploaded here and here.
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[livejournal.com profile] ladydarkmoon has hq cover scans of the latest volume of TRC here along with this month's Newtype goods (including Kobato and Satsuki's Chipmunk Cheeks).
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The real Drop 7? o.O Anyway, I decided to call last month's chapter drop 6.5.

Grab Drop 7.

Kobato is cute as always~ Please link back to my site if you want to host the scans too :x
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I scanned kobato drop 6.5, here. It's the 2nd part of Drop 6.
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Raw scans thx to ladydarkmoon and she also included CLAMP's article in that issue of Newtype.
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Scans thanks to a healthier [livejournal.com profile] ladydarkmoon. She also has scans of the cover of TRC volume 18.


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