Apr. 2nd, 2016

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I thought that the whole "detective agency" would only last on April 1st, but it seems like it shall still be on going until the end of their break, on april 3rd!

Since yesterday, many characters of CLAMP's universe have been added up:

-Yukito Tsukishiro the secretary, thanks God he finally came, so late!: he took care of cleaning, looked over the office supplies and added up tea and coffee as things to buy soon.
-Akira Ijuin, the accountant which is not happy at all about the money spent on alcohol and food, and made it quite clear that personal drinks and snacks are not recognized as an expense!
-Seishiro Sakurazuka, a lawyer on the side of the cheating husband in a divorce case, and Subaru(also a lawyer) is a client of the Detective Agency, who came to ask for a background check of said cheating husband...
-Hokuto works as an Editor for a Fashion Magazine, sounds like a busy job!
-The office also got 2 part-timers: Kamui and Ryuuho!

-->Not a 100% sure, but there seem to also be another office: 花蛍事務所 for which Kazama and Rikuo (Lawful Drug/Drug&Drop) work for

-Black and White Mokona, the Office's mascots and self proclaimed "cute and sexy" are...boucing around and doing just fine! They even helped with the cleaning! But then...there was something about Kurogane ending up trapped under a bookshelf urrhh... but Kurogane is doing just fine! Yeah!
-the Agency's neighboor kids: the Junior High twins 'Syaoran' and 'Syaoran', and their tiny elementary school brother who is identical to them, also "Syaoran" (count on CLAMP to have the guts to use all THREE Syaoran in their detective roleplaying, and they are identical brothers, of course ^^;). Those brothers were surprised by the sound of the falling bookshelf and came to see what was happening. They offered to help putting it back in place, how nice of them!

<message from Akira Ijuin>
Are you okay? ! If the fallen bookshelf is damaged, please fill all specifications and application form. Repair expenses will be deduced from your salary, there was a contact from the director Kimihiro! Kurogane-san, thank you! (* ^ ▽ ^ *)
</end message>

Wait! There are yet MORE people coming to the Agency, this time it's...the Sakura twins! Both girls are in Junior High School, and their little sister in Elementary school, also "Sakura", came with them~

ooohohohohohohohoh!!! My! My! My!
The little brother and sister in elementary School, Sakura and Syaoran, suddenly became both bright red! :D Cute! <say both black and white Mokona>


Unfortunately I can't read Japanese and online translation is not enough, but I can tell that other characters made an apperance, like Himawari and Doumeki from xxxholic, Touya Kinomoto, and Ashura and Yasha from RGVeda. But the above is the limit of how much I can interpret all the tweets posted by CLAMP. And there are things about food, food, more food, then drinks and drinks again ^^;;

I find it curious that CLAMP put the SxS twins in different grades, the little wolves in Middle School, and the 2 cherry blossoms in Junior High...but their little siblings are both in Elementary, that's for sure ;) Just went to check the online translation again, and it says "Junior High School" for both pair of twins? @_@ How in the Hell did I get it wrong? They used the word "中学生" for both, which in Japanese can be both "Junior High schooler" and "middle school pupil"

Feel free to check their twitter account to follow their story further!

As for me, I have only one thing to say: MAKE A MANGA OUT OF THIS!


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