Apr. 1st, 2016

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April 1st is a pretty important date for CLAMP's fans, a date in which we always have expectations for..."something", but we don't know what.

And so, I thought it was time to investigate and go see what we got this year, and what was my surprise to see that (how convenient for me!), CLAMP had changed their business: they are now a Detective Agency! A detective agency which is...ON BREAK from April 1st till April 3rd, damn...

This is the notice that was on their office's door:

But I decided not to give up and go look for answers by going to see the Director, Watanuki Kimihiro:

Looks like Director Watanuki Kimihiro was planning to sleep all day and not get out of his comfy futon, but was woken up first thing in the morning with calls from their regular clients, saying that this "rest day" must be an April Fool Joke!

But it is not an April Fool Joke (XD): it is indeed their day off > looks like 2 of the staff members were playing on the veranda, it turned into a fight, and they ended up both falling from the veranda! And so, they are now being treated at the hospital, and thankfully one of them is intact, and the other only have an ankle sprain! [link]

Poor Watanuki! He is being told that if this rest day is a joke, to get up already and go cook some rice!
In all this chaos, it seems like the Detective Office mascots, both white and black Mokona, are doing fine...


About the fake date of "closure" of their "Detective Office", CLAMP might not have had any other choice: the issue of Nakayoshi with the new CCS manga annoucement will officialy go on sale this week-end after all...so! We are getting NOTHING until said manga annoucement! (which better be something REAL good! I want to be WOW-ed!)
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Here goes a great youtube video, showing you everything that there is to be seen about the CCS Cafe!

I personally quite like the "The guest" clow card photo boot (sounds simple, but you had to think about that!) + magic circle in front which allow you to do more poses alone, or/and with a friend if you want to.
The food look exactly like it did in the photos!
Menus with the outward appearance of a Clow Book...of course! :D
Goods, and not only the limited and exclusive merchandise made especially for this Cafe, there seems to be all the mangas books too, and the newly released little pink and green bears too (also sold by Animate), etc..
The whole thing is really looking great! <3


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