Mar. 3rd, 2016

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Nakayoshi website was updated, they just posted a new entry with more information about the artbook, and also the cover:

And so, all we know so far is:

-Release date: March 24th
-Price: 3600jpy (without tax)
-The design of the artbook will be the same as the 2015 edition of the manga, so that when you put them together they will look like a set.
-There will be a bit more than 100 illustrations all chosen by CLAMP
-There will be new comments about each artwork and Clamp's new insight of their artworks after so many years
-A big poster of 70cm x 100cm with the chronology of CCS will be included with the artbook. No idea how the end product is supposed to be?
-There is also going to be a "Glitter foil clear case" is (キラキラ箔押しクリアケース), literally a transparent plastic case with glitters ^^; And that certainly reminded me of the limited edition of volume 09 of CCS, which came in a transparent sleeve with an illustration of Sakura on it. The sleeve contained both the manga and the 12 postcards that came as a bonus. In this case, it will contain the artbook and the poster.

Also, they confirmed that there is going to be a new manga of Card Captor Sakura:


It is not determiined yet when the chapter will be released. And they are asking us to be patient and wait for them to post more information about the upcoming manga.
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Yes, it's official, figFIX Sakura Kinomoto: Battle Costume ver. by Max Factory - Good Smile Company is available for pre order starting today! She is the 6th CCS figure released so far by GSC. You can see the listing of them all in the page dedicated to them:

The official release date was also revealed: August 2016. That said, considering previous nendoroids ans figmas release dates have both been changed several times in the past, I wouldn't know if we can trust this date 100% ^^;
Her official price is ¥5,093 (Before Tax) at GSC online store, but you will encounter her for lesser prices elsewhere; do take in consideration though, that the only way to get the bonus part is to preorder it from the GSC online store.

Face parts can be swaped with the previously released Sakura Kinomoto figma.

Picture Gallery: [click to enlarge]

Bonus part (when preordering directly from GSC):

For the ones who don't know (or forgot), a bonus part was also gifted to the people who pre-ordered Sakura Nendoroid and 3 figmas from GSC online store: it was the sealing wand and the star wand in the form of a charms, the clow book for figma Sakura, and an extra face for figma Tomoyo.
Preorders of figFIX Sakura Kinomoto: Battle Costume ver. from the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP will include a Winking Expression as a bonus!

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See larger images at Animate.

ETA: and the new merchandise coinciding with the cafe:


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