Feb. 15th, 2016

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This is what this month's Shonen Magazine Special cover looks like. It's going to be released this next saturday, Feb 20th.

I remind you it was announced that this upcoming chapter will be the one before last (last chap. will be released next month, March 20th).
So this is THE last color SMagSpe cover of TWC since the series is ending, well, one of the last color illustrations of TWC we will be seeing as a whole actually: beyond that, there is only the color page inside this chapter, and then the cover of the volume.

As usual, gorgeous illustration, and considering the events of the story, it's not surprise to see these 2 together, we even got a "Syaoran VS Syaoran" printed on the cover. I really like it when the characters have expressive faces like we can see here, and not just a 'standard' smiling face, and dynamic poses too. Nonetheless, I don't understand why they are both holding the same sword ^^;


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