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Here goes a big version of the BD case's cover which is included in the deluxe edition of TWC vol02, those 3 are looking good!! :D I'm really loving this illustration~

source: http://sinacn.weibodangan.com/user/2481373504/

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I've received my deluxe copy already and checked the epilogue chapter, and discovered that there is 9 more pages added in the tankubon, compared to the chapter released in magazine. And a 10th modified.
I scanned these pages for you to be able to see them.
Ah! And one last thing, this last Deluxe book cost 150JPY more then usual, because there are more pages, I didn't count but its thickness is clearly superior to my others deluxe books ^^

these pages all looked so familiar that I wondered if I wasn't wrong about them ^^; But I checked the 2 version of the raw epilogue I got on my HD+ I also re-downloaded the whole volume from mangatraders and checked it again on mangafox and seems there is no error about them ^^
Enjoy the scans!!!

EDIT2: the translation is already up, done by[livejournal.com profile] starlady38 ^^

EDIT3: 10th modified page added. (page36)

Scans behind the cut )
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I just got both the Deluxe and Special editions this morning by mail ^^
You can find the HQ scans in my livejournal. Enjoy~

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There's an extra CLAMP illustration celebrating Shonen Magazine's 50th Anniversary with Sakura cosplaying as a character in Hajime no Ippo in this week's magazine. Scan via chibiyuuto.
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[livejournal.com profile] ladydarkmoon has hq cover scans of the latest volume of TRC here along with this month's Newtype goods (including Kobato and Satsuki's Chipmunk Cheeks).
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Here we go :  this is my Easter gift to you guys ^^

You can get the pictures in this LJ post :   TRC23[HQ]cover+extras
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Scans thanks to ladydarkmoon (She also has HQ scans of the Tokyo Revelations illustrations)

Also, Carlosnet at mangahelpers has translated the interview w/ Clamp in this week's Young Magazine which covers the new season of xxxHolic here.
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Scans thanks to a healthier [livejournal.com profile] ladydarkmoon. She also has scans of the cover of TRC volume 18.
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From TRC 16, new art? Promo for character guide.

All eyes intact )

I know ladydarkmoon has scanned the covers for volume 16. I found this in the paperback version of it. But haven't seen any mention of it anywhere, has it been scanned in HQ yet? Tinypic resized them, so if anyone wants a bigger version of the picture, let me know and I'll modify this entry :)


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