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I really never tire to write this entry's subject: "New CCS artwork (mobile game)", that said, I'm afraid I might get too used to it and get really sad when Clamp stops releasing more...

I don't know what the full picture looks like, but Syaoran is by Sakura' side (YEY!), there might be others characters coughhopefullynotcough, SxS are holding hands (kyah!) and dancing (?) to a tune, the theme is obviously music.
I don't know what is it for, is there some kind of event/celebration in Japan/worldwide at this time of the year? We also have to consider that it might be a completely random illustration (like the chess or the tea party ones).

I've read sec ago that there was no gate7 on sight....for all the fans out there, I'm sorry if I didn't feel sad about it at all, if they are using that time to draw CCS, please GO ON! :P

EDIT June 1st: Here goes more pics, they're of a very low resolution I know, but this is all there is for the moment, hopefully, better versions will be seen online in the near future. If some of you do have better pics, please share with the rest of us!
The full artwork is like I expected it to be; from the beginning, my real doubt was actually Syaoran's facial expression: I wondered whether Clamp would have him either 1-frowning or 2-looking a bit lost (like looking at his feet because he doesn't know how to dance for example) or 3-(best case scenario) smiling while looking at Sakura...he is not looking at her but he IS smiling so I'm pretty happy :D

Also, about the release of new CCS artworks for the mobile game, it seems like this is a monthly release; thanks to [livejournal.com profile] nokiirat for this precious info (in this post)! And this is the original japanese message about it.
As for the pic itself, from the *bad* translation I got with google translate of some of their latest tweets (May 31st), it seems like a picture of 'Sakura and Syaoran getting along' was requested many times in the TwitCasting of Clamp (TwitCasting is a service to let you stream live video for free), this is their answer to these requests.

IMPORTANT: when new pictures/views or versions in better quality are available, the only thread I update with the new material is this one: CCS mobile game: the new illustrations [thread updated when new arts are available] since having to hunt for/update separately each thread with each different artwork would be bothersome.

Date: 2013-05-31 04:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] tati81.livejournal.com
If one day we could have a new CCS artbook with these new illustrations... ♥

Date: 2013-06-01 09:51 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] tati81.livejournal.com
Oh love ♥ Thank you!!!


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