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I don't know how closely the members of this community have been following up the new illustrations released for the Card Captor Sakura mobile game (2012-2013), but I've (arbitrarily :P) decided to make a post especially for it, listing them all and sharing the highest resolution I've got of them. I was actually going to do that in my own livejournal, but then thought I would post it here too.

[UR: Ultra Rare / SP: Super Rare]

[お茶会]さくら_UR_攻-守 & [お茶会]さくら_UR+_攻-守 (right)

ビギナークイーン_UR_攻-守 & ビギナークイーン_UR+_攻-守 (right)



NewYear2013_UR & NewYear2013 UR+(right)

[真紅の守護者]ユエ_SR_攻-守 & [真紅の守護者]ユエ_SR+_攻-守 (right)

[真紅の蝶]ルビー・ムーン_R_攻-守 & [真紅の蝶]ルビー・ムーン_R+_攻-守 (right)

真紅のお姫様_UR_攻-守 & other UR card(right)




Sakura birthday April 1st 2013

added may 3th, latest new art at the moment


MAY 31th: a picture of 'Sakura and Syaoran getting along' was requested many times in the TwitCasting of Clamp (TwitCasting is a service to let you stream live video for free), this is their answer to these requests.

June 28th, 2013: latest artwork revealed!

August 1st, 2013: august illustration staring the Kinomoto whole family for the first time ever!

August 30th, september illustration:

October 1st, 2013: Halloween! This is the 13th illustration. It was officially announced that the CCS mobile game would end on December 2d 2013, only 2 months/2 artworks to go! :'(

November 1st, maybe the last illustration since they officially announced that there would be no new material added to the game starting October 31st,2013,at 15h.

Card's name: '無ハッピーエンドのお祝い(UR)' = 'Celebration of the non-happy ending (UR)'

Illustrated by another mangaka

スペシャルプレゼント_SR_攻-守 & スペシャルプレゼント_SR+_攻-守 (middle) & another SR (right)

[ひとひらの雪]小狼_SR_攻-守 & [ひとひらの雪]小狼_SR+_攻-守 (middle) & another SR (right)

[大切な小箱]知世_SR_攻-守 & [大切な小箱]知世_SR+_攻-守 (middle) & another SR (right)

NB: I didn't not include the latest Tomoyo illustration in this gallery because I've only got the snapshot from the PV of it.
EDIT May 3th: Tomoyo pic added
EDIT June 9th: bigger textless pictures of Yukito and YukitoxSyaoran (white Day) + SxS music themed artwork
EDIT June 12th: added Kero picture with umbrella (Tomoyo pic)
EDIT June 28th: added this month's artwork featuring SyaoranxSakuraxTomoyo + Tomoyo's May picture in full (super low resolution) + another bday Sakura card (moon)
EDIT August 7th: replaced full view of pics of March White Day and May Tomoyo, this is the best quality we can get so these are the final versions; new pics for July picnic; added a Syao&Yuki pic (White Day); added a better pic of SakuraxYue (Valentine pic); replaced: better pic of Tomoyo (guest artists); replaced: 2 Ruby Moon pic for better ones and added a 3th one (Valentine pic); and added august new pic: family summer festival.
EDIT August 30th: new september illustration featuring Sakura as an artist together with Kero and Spinel + added up a better resolution pic of White Day|Syaoran and a new pic of White Day|Touya + better resolution pic of Picnic|SxS + better resolution pics of family summer|TouyaxSakura & FujitakaxNadeshiko + new Hydrangea|TomoyoxKero picture.
EDIT October 1st: 2 new pictures of Sakura artist (sept 2013 artwork) + full version of family summer (low quality) + new artwork for october: Halloween themed + announcement: the game will end on December 2d, 2013.
EDIT October 3rd: added 1 new Sakura picnic picture + added 1 new Sakura family summer + 4 new pics of Halloween including full view of artwork.
EDIT October 4th: added 2 new Halloween pics: 1 Sakura and 1 Syaoran
EDIT October 11th: added full view pics of family summer and picnic, this is the best that can be obtained from the mobile game so these are the final versions of the complete artworks.
EDIT November 1st: switched Halloween|Syaoran + Halloween|Sakura + Halloween|Yue pics with better quality ones + added up new artwork, maybe the last: Celebration + switched all 3 picture of Syaoran & 2/3 of Tomoyo's pic by other mangaka artist with better versions: these are their max level of quality so these are the final versions.

Most recent update: November 1st, 2013
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