Aug. 30th, 2013

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Just released today: the september 2013 illustration features Sakura-chan as a painter!!! Isn't she adorable!
Together with her are Keroberos and Spinel Sun, looking pretty cool and comfortable there, and somehow 'younger' than how they looked in the manga? It might really just be Clamp's drawing style evolving, though (pretty likely).

About future illustrations, well, I don't know: the very first artwork was released in october 2012, so this one is the 12th already...I don't know how it works and for how long Clamp engaged themselves to makes new illustrations for the mobile game, but this is clearly not going to go on forever (even though it would be awesome if that were the case). A 1 year contract seems to make sense to me, but in the end I truly have no idea, but from what I can see the game is still on-going with many new limited events offering more and more black and white manga pictures in colored version and there is no sign of it slowing down, so I hope there will be new arts for at least until the end of the year!



IMPORTANT: when new pictures/views or versions in better quality are available, the only thread I update with the new material is this one: CCS mobile game: the new illustrations [thread updated when new arts are available] since having to hunt for/update separately each thread with each different artwork would be bothersome.

About playing the game: in june, I made a post with a link to the instructions on how to play the game on your mobile phone no matter where you are in the world, negating the fact that you 'can only play it if you live in Japan', but after playing it a while and reaching level 50, I painfully realized there was some truth in the 'japan only' thing...this can be resumed to one line > you need a 'personal authentication of the smart phone' which, from what I understood, comes down to having a japanese SIM card, without which the following happen:
you will not receive a login bonus
you will not receive the reward when a boss is defeated = no matter how many clow cards you convert into sakura cards, you are not rewarded said card, or if you participate in limited time events in which you generally get rare/super rare/ultra rare etc.. cards: it doesn't matter if you 'win', you're not getting anything.
you will not receive the reward for the 'diary writing'
you will not receive the reward of a friend invitation
you will not receive a gift at the end of tutorials
you are unable to purchase some items (all of them)

Also, there is something called 'sakura costumes' in which you have to collect the different fragments (like a 6 pieces puzzle) until you get the full thing, after which you are rewarded the rare card with said costume but needless to say, you don't get the card even after completing them...
To put it simply, the only thing you can get are 'jewels', which are pretty much 'points'
, and Normal cards (1 and 2 stars cards) you can get easily patrolling around Tomoeda. You can battle against other players and get jewels too, but considering your cards never go above Normal, it's getting harder and harder to find opponents that wouldn't crush you with their 3+ stars cards.
There is also a marketplace but I still don't know my way around there, but the only thing available for you for trading/paying are obviously only jewels and there are no 'prices' shown, meaning you pretty much make an offer to the person selling their cards and wait for acceptance or refusal, not having any idea what said person expect. example: I offered 30000jewels for a clow card and was refused.


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