Jun. 28th, 2013

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The latest CCS illustration was revealed!
I was actually expecting a Syaoran solo picture ( a rare sight, I know) considering the obvious event in July is his birthday, but while it's not I wished for, it is still pretty close! :) We still got Syaoran holding a cake, surrounded with Sakura and Tomoyo, they all look pretty good, nice artwork!


EDIT: June 30th added instructions on saving pics & changed pics bellow for better quality ones.

These are photos taken of my mobile's screen since I unfortunately do not know how to save these pictures ;_;

INSTRUCTIONS: To save the pics, you have 2 choices:
1-use firefox and save whatever page you like as a .pdf, open it on your PC and do whatever you want with all the pictures saved in the .pdf file. The interests in doing this is that since it saves the whole page, you can copy/paste the japanese text and translate anything you need to understand to play the game with a online translator. Painfully easy, yes. I didn't realize it bcs when I first tried to play the game and opened it with firefox, it was so unbelievably slow that it was almost completely stopped, for a moment I even thought the game wasn't working, that's why since that time I only used the basic 'internet' option of my phone (which didn't allow to download/save things) to access the game. But today I tried using firefox again and there was no problem of speed or connection.
2-use firefox and press your finger 2sec on the picture you want, a windows asking you whether you want to share/copy/save the pic will appear, select the option you want.

They are 'advertising' the new illustration/cards by showing us off previews:


EDIT: July 3rd, as I expected, this is a picnic! I had actually thought about it but decided to leave my impressions for later until others views were available, looks like I was right ^^

EDIT: July 5th, here goes the full picture, in critically bad quality I know, but this will allow at least to see what the whole thing is like, until hopefully someone share something better, bcs now knowing how to play the game, I'm afraid I can only get this mini preview from the game on my own, actually 'winning' this card is impossible  ;_;

IMPORTANT: when new pictures/views or versions in better quality are available, the only thread I update with the new material is this one: CCS mobile game: the new illustrations [thread updated when new arts are available] since having to hunt for/update separately each thread with each different artwork would be bothersome.


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