Apr. 21st, 2013

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Hello! I hope this kind of request is okay; if not, please feel free to delete it.

I watched the xxxHolic live drama and liked Doumeki's actor Higashide Masahiro instantly. By accident, I found out that he has a feature (?) on Switch Magazine March 2013 issue, pages 52-58. At the same time I saw that xxxHolic has a part in the same issue too, on pages 124-125. Full contents are listed here.

ETA: Apparently Watanuki's actor Sometani Shota is also on this magazine?

Also, I couldn't find Suga Shikao's full version of the Aitai PV. Anyone? :(

I'm thinking of getting the magazine (and the single itself if budget allows) if no one has it though. I hope my request is reasonable. Thank you!
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Another illustration for the CCS mobile game was announced: this time, it's staring Tomoyo-chan! She is surrounded by hydrangeas, a flower which starts blooming starting from early Spring (until late Autumn). I suspect Kero is part of the picture (see the little umbrella on her side).

Enjoy the illustration:

And the PV (the 4th so far) it came from:

[sources: chibiyuuto FB - clamp_news twitter - sakura_cards twitter]
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This arrived about a week after its release in March, but I did not have the time to actually thoroughly look at this until now. There are some nicer photos out there and probably scans of most of these images, but in case you wanted a hands-on review of it....

 photo IMAG0244.jpg

Cut for some details and photos )


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