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Here's a small image of the last volume.
xxxHolic◆Kei DVD Volume 7 will be out December 17th.
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Here's xxxHOLiC◆Kei's box illustration which is available with DVD Volume 3. This comes out tomorrow. Feel free to post the full image if you happen to find it. :)
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(larger image at Amazon.jp)
Amazon.jp has the xxxHolic◆Kei DVD 3's cover image up. The release date is August 20th and is also available with another drama CD.

Amazon.jp has the larger image of Tsubasa volume 24's regular version up. The release date is July 17th.

There seems to be a buzz on 2ch and other boards about a possible OAD (Original Animation DVDs) announcement on the hardback cover obi, so we'll look out for it. Kodansha has updated their pages for the Negima, Zetsubou Sensei and School Rumble OADs, so it's possible TRC has something similar in store again.
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Here's Volume 2's cover and it is also available with a drama CD. The release date is July 23rd.

And this nice blogger has a photo of what she received with the first DVD volume.

Here's the guest list for the next two RADIO xxxHolic◆Kei shows.
July 4: Kazuya Nakai - Doumeki
July 18: Fukuyama Jun - Watanuki
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More xxxHolic covers.
Here's the cover to DVD Vol. 1 due out 6/25.
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Online shops have updated with xxxHolic◆Kei's DVD release schedule.

Volume 1 - June 25
Volume 2 - July 23
Volume 3 - Aug 20
Volume 4 - Sept 24
Volume 5 - Oct 22
Volume 6 - Nov 26
Volume 7 - Dec 17

+ Each volume will also be available as a limited edition with drama cd (the first written by Nanase Ookawa) and booklet. No word on a box yet. Volume 3 will come with a CLAMP-illustrated box. And if you buy all 7, you can send in for a booklet binder and Web-radio edit drama CD.

+Suga Shikao's Nobody Knows will be the opening to the drama CDs while Fonogenico's Nijiiro Loop will be the ending theme.

(this may be subject to change)
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It just aired and we already have DVD info.
xxxHolic◆Kei DVD Volume 1 will be out June 25th and will come with episode 1 plus bonus drama CD and loose-leaf booklet.
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CLAMP in CARDLAND has added more series to their 3rd set information page.

xxxHolic◆Kei has updated their character page and edited the time that the anime will air.

Nico and Youtube have the first look at xxxHolic◆Kei. *yay for CMs!*
(avi-fullish screen from 2ch)

kokoro-chan2001 has news that CLAMP in 3-D Land's 6th set's release date has been pushed back to April 20th.
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The xxxHolic anime website has updated with character profiles...a humorous one for Watanuki.

And Famitsu has an article with news on the upcoming TAF event (March 30), seiyuu comments, and a few screenshots.

Presepe also has an article featuring a short interview with the seiyuu and a couple screenshots.
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There will be a xxxHOLiC◆Kei event at this year's Tokyo International Anime Fair. On March 30 the director, Tsutomu Mizushima, and cast will be there with a new PV.

ETA again: Hey, more news over here at chibiyuuto's from Newtype. SEAMO will be doing the ending song, "Honey Honey feat. AYUSE KOZUE".

And Kasumi updated her CLAMP-PLA.NET page with some related xxxHolic illustrations.

And a reminder that both TRC and xxxHolic are on a break next week.
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Suga Shikao's new single, Nobody Knows, will be the opening theme to xxxHolic's 2nd season. The single will be out 5/14 and there will be a special xxxHolic edition with a CLAMP-illustrated jacket.

Track info
1. Nobody Knows
2. 1/3000ピース (piece) [Shamaison CM bgm]
3. コンビニ (combini)

It's also Suga Shikao's 11th Anniversary since he debuted. Congrats Suga!

And Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations' website has 9 splash images. 6 are up right now.

hehe..Anyone know how to extract the others?
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xxxHOLiC's anime website has revamped its look.

CLAMP in CARDLAND's 2nd point campaign is as follows...
50 points for the Tokyo Tower card
30 points for a storage box
No real specifics on how to get the Code Geass card yet.
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TBS presented a promotional video to xxxHolic 2 at their Comiket 73 booth.
There's a tiny picture at an article here.
There was also a clearfile given away which can be found at yahoo jp auctions. The image used is the same one found at the xxxholic anime homepage.

The second season is slated for April.
Here's to hoping that the pv pops up somewhere soon. ^_^


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