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As part of their scary themed special, Yahoo.jp has a few streamed anime and movies and such.

Here's Yahoo.jp's xxxHolic page with all 24 episodes. (but only those in Japan can watch)

This is a pretty new and nice trend towards free (legit) anime access. (hopefully they'll start to open this to overseas viewers).

Code Geass is available here.
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here on bit. (lemme know if it doesn't work)
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here on bit.

[livejournal.com profile] x_reggg has some new clamp-related scans from sept anime mags here.

Code Geass's website has a teaser trailer with no actual content outside of still concept drawings. (since CLAMP only did the character design, I'll update with where-to-d/l info, but only for the first episodes or so.)
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here is 15 on bit.

and here is 14 raw which i forgot to link.
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Here via torrent.

ETA: translations to trc ch 117 are here thanks to [livejournal.com profile] pikari.
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here via kkdm-raw torrent. (never d/led from them before, so let me know if it doesn't work).
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here via x-raw bit.

(for those waiting for tsubasa s2 ep 3 subbed...look at the live-evil.org forum for the reason for its delay)
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here's memento's review of episode 5. I've not seen a widescreen version of the show and I think the source used for the subs aren't very good, so if anyone knows where the widescreen version is released, let us know? [x-raws is releasing separate HQ (high quality, in widescreen) episodes as well as l33t-raws.]

eta: here's episode 5 via bit by x-raws
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here via bit. (mkv)

here via bit. (avi)

Image hosting by Photobuckethere
is the anime cover to Fonogenico's single for the xxxHOLiC ending song, Reason. The release date it 5/31. (kudos to [livejournal.com profile] chibiyuuto for the headsup.)
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here's a functioning torrent...160mbs, avi! x-raws.com..tons of seeds now.

here via bittorrent.
(it's a mkv file (431 mbs) which means you might want to google that before you comment about how you can't play it....i'm sure a plain old avi file is on its way.)

there may or may not be a seed right now. will check in the morning.
status 7:30am: still no seeds, but i'm getting nana from the same source, so have hope!

here's the youtube link to the opening. (thx chibiyuuto)


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