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You can view 2 1/2 minutes of Suga Shikao's new music video, あなたひとりだけ 幸せになることは 許されないのよ, featuring CLAMP's xxxHOLiC on Youtube. (blocked in the US).
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CLAMP and Suga Shikao are once again together for a special comic in tomorrow's Young Magazine. CLAMP has a special xxxHOLiC chapter inspired by Suga Shikao's new single, あなたひとりだけ 幸せになることは 許されないのよ. The music video also captures scenes from the manga.

The single is available now on itunes jp. See his website for more information. Suga Shikao's new album, The Last, will be out January 20, 2016.

You can see a quick preview of the single's music video on youtube (via proxy if you are not in Japan).
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Hey everyone!
Happy early Christmas and New Years!
Just a quick question though...does anyone know where to download the HOLiC movie soundtrack?
I tried nipponsei but the files that I downloaded seems to be missing bits at the end..
So I was wondering if anyone has another copy?
Thanks for all your help!! \(^-^)/
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SEAMO's Honey Honey feat.​ AYUSE​ KOZUE​ single is out. These files contain the scans, too.

Torrent to mp3
Torrent to flac

DDL to 320 rip mp3 file
Share on all link - (MU, BD, MF, RS)
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The recent xxxHolic CD's tracklist and samples can be found at cdjapan's jp site HERE.
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Here thanks to [livejournal.com profile] rusalkaz

for those who have gotten CLAMP Newtype Platinum and can read Japanese,
there are a few minor typos in the magazine listed on Clamp-Net. :)
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Suga Shikao's new album, Parade, will be out 9/6. It will include the opening to the xxxHOLiC anime, 19sai.
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Here on sendspace. (2 tracks and scans...credits to ooooooO)

and for those who missed it, the PV is here on Youtube.

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Here on bit.

ETA: BUCK-TICK's Kagerou PV is here on youtube. *spooky..not*
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At their homepage and youtube, there is a short preview of the PV for those who wanted to see what they looked like.
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Here is Fonogenico's Reason single via torrent link. Be aware that it is in .ape format, so if you do not have an .ape player or media converter, you will not be able to play it. Otherwise, wait a few hours and I'm sure someone will post a normal format.

ETA: here's the mp3 rip via Nipponsei.

Heeeerrree's a direct d/l link.
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here is Suga Shikao's 19sai single via #nipponsei's bit tracker.
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Here is Hey^3, a japanese tv music program. Suga Shikao was a guest 4/17, the past Monday. He performed 19sai. (eta: He's the last one to perform. Hope you enjoy the commercials.)
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Warning: I'd rate this R for sexual content...so don't watch with parents in the room.

here on youtube

here on bittorrent via jpopsuki.

single release is 4/26.

jamie has made it possible for us to sing-a-long!!!
here's the normal cover of Kinya's IT'S single which is the new opening to Tsubasa Chronicle. The anime cover has yet to be released. The single release is 5/24.
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Fonogenico has updated with all three samples from their Reason single.

Suga Shikao has updated with working samples from all three tracks from his 19 Sai single.

(edit: looky here for lyric romanizations and translations by jamie.)

Kinya and Maaya Sakamoto's sites have updated, too, but no samples yet.
Check out Maaya as the main character in Ouran Koukou Host Club which is an excellent anime thus far.
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At the BMGJapan site,
Fonogenico has a sample from their Reason single. They also have a blog link there.

Suga Shikao has a sample from his 19才 single. (i think you need a special plugin to hear it).

Image hosting by Photobucket

Clamp-net has updated with some new goods. TC drama CD vol. 3 is already out. TRC vol 14 is out April 17th.

Psst, look at the previous post for the awesome xxxHOLiC CM.
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xxxholic's opening song's single, 19才, by Suga Shikao will be out April 26.
tsubasa chronicle second season opening song's single, IT'S, by Kinya will be out May 24.
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Here is a link to a short Anime News Network interview with Sixth S.E.N.S., the group that is doing the music for the xxxHoLiC anime.


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