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CLAMP-NET has updated with news that CLAMP will design the extra costume for the character of Kazuma Jin (aka. Devil Jin in the US version) in the new Tekken 6 PS3/Xbox360 game. This is due out September 2009. There's a trailer at the website and there should be more information in this week's Shonen Magazine.


xxxHolic Shunmuki director & seiyuu comments have been posted at the website.
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The xxxHolic-Tsubasa OAD website has updated with xxxHolic Shunmuki Part 2 screenshots. Part 2 will be out with xxxHolic Volume 15 on June 23rd.


And the Kobato anime website updated with news of a B5 anime poster giveaway at Newtype Mobile. (for Japanese residents, I'm assuming)

Amazon.com also now lists Del Rey's CLAMP in America for release February 23, 2010.
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The xxxHolic-Tsubasa OAD website also got a layout change with a new splash image. There isn't any new news. The 4/1 update says that they accidentally announced wrong release dates on tv or something.

The dates are still the same...
May 15th: Tsubasa Shunraiki Part 2 with TRC Volume 27
June 23rd: xxxHolic Shunmuki Part 2 with xxxHolic Volume 15

And check out CLAMP's welcome messages on their new message page.

Happy 401/104!
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xxxHOLiC & Tsubasa no Haru made Matenai! #05 is up at Onsen.ag. Syaoran is today's guest and the topic is Valentine's Day.

MF link to wmv rip thanks to [livejournal.com profile] spirited_fusion.

And here's the cover to xxxHolic Volume 14 with OAD.
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Presepe.jp has an official report with photos of the xxxHolic Shunmuki screening from January 25th. It highlights the interview with Mizushima Tsutomu (director), Ohara Sayaka (Yuuko), and Kikuchi Mika (Mokona).

The first xxxHolic OAD is out the 17th. :)
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The xxxHolic-Tsubasa OAD website has updated with some new, larger screenshots from both xxxHolic Shunmuki and Tsubasa Shunraiki. There's also a place for PVs at the links, but no trailers have been uploaded yet.

The production blog also updated saying that the first part of xxxHolic Shunmuki was done and questionnaires were filled out at the first screening.
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Hours after the screening of the first xxxHolic Shunmuki OAD at Cinema Ikspiari, there have been a few blog posts that have popped up; one, two, three(poster pic), four, etc to mention a few. They mention Kohane's part of the manga, and the lucky people also got to see a 40 sec trailer to Tsubasa Shunraiki.

Young magazine mentions the fact that xxxHolic is not in this week's issue due to someone's illness in CLAMP. xxxHolic will be back next week. (link via chibiyuuto)
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Famitsu, Presepe and Mycom all have articles about the upcoming xxxHolic Shunmuki OAD screening at Cinema Ikspiari. Within the article, Oohara Sayaka, FukuJun and Kikuchi Mika (Yuuko, Watanuki & Mokona) have short after-dubbing comments. There are also some screencaps labeled 'cut scenes'...hmmm, they probably just mean screencaps.
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The xxxHolic-Tsubasa OAD website has updated with information on the xxxHolic Shunmuki screening taking place on January 25th. The guests will be the director, Mizushima Tsutomu, Yuuko's seiyuu, Sayaka Ohara, and Mokona's seiyuu, Kikuchi Mika.

Amazon.com and Amazon.jp have CLAMP's Mangettes: Gate 7 (Dark Horse version) up for preorder, and ya, the release date is still August 15th. The isbn's are 1595822844 and 978-1595822840 for future reference.
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The xxxHolic-Tsubasa OAD website has updated with a change in release dates for xxxHolic Volume 15 and TRC Volume 27 both of which would be on sale with Part two of the OADs. Both have been pushed back a month.

TRC Volume 27 (also available with OAD) - on sale May 15
xxxHolic Volume 15 (also available with OAD) - on sale June 23

On a positive note,

The second xxxHolic-Tsubasa OAD web radio show is up at Onsen.ag. Today's guest is Kurogane.

ETA: MF link to wmv rip thanks to [livejournal.com profile] spirited_fusion.
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CLAMP-NET's end of the year update contains no new breaks in publication...YAY. There's nothing new to add to the release calendar, so please refer to the last update for release news.

xxxHolic Shunmuki's opening and ending themes were announced. Suga Shikao's sofa from his FUNKAHOLIC album will be the opening and Azu's CHERISH will be the ending theme. Both songs have already been released by the artists. (MF link to the full song samplings). Maybe there will be anime versions released?

For those in Japan, there is reservation information on the xxxHolic Shunmuki January 25th screening. It will take place at Ikspiari at Tokyo Disney Resort. You can reserve tickets starting December 29th.
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The Tsubasa-xxxHolic OAD production blog has updated. They talk about the dream sequence and op/ed (no real details though). The interesting part is that they are reading the Spanish copy of Tsubasa; the part with Fay's past. There are some joke lyrics in the post, too (at least I think it's a joke).

Feel free to translate or add any additional information that I may have missed. :)
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The Tsubasa-xxxHolic website has updated. There will be a public screening of the first just-completed xxxHolic OAD on January 25th at Production I.G.'s Cinema Experience Ikspiari Festival. Ticket info will be coming soon.
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There been an update over at the Tsubasa-xxxHolic website. They've added a production blog and the character pages (no new images though).

But there's an article in Newtype with a new image:
ETA: Larger images here thx to yamisakura.
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The Tsubasa Shunraiki and xxxHolic Shunmuki website has updated. xxxHolic's staff comments are up. And both 'Special' pages contain both press conference articles that have previously been posted around anime news sites.
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The Tsubasa-xxxHolic OAD website has updated with all its menus links working now. They've added content to the staff & cast page with comments from the main cast.
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There will special Horitsuba Gakuen drama CD for those who buy all 4 OADs. It will be written by Nanase Ookawa and the cover will be illustrated by CLAMP. As with previous mail-in CDs, each one will have a mail-in ticket to collect. Detailed instructions will be included with xxxHolic volume 14, out February 17th.

The opening song to Tsubasa Shunraiki will be Maaya Sakamoto's SONIC BOOM. The song will be included in her Kazeyomi album out January 14th. The new album will also contain many of her other anime songs including an album version of Kazemachi Jet (Tsubasa Chronicle) and Saigo no Kajitsu (Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations).

The logos for the OADs have been updated, too. Check out the homepage.

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The Tsubaholi OAD website has updated with a new splash and more information.
The titles are ×××HOLiC 春夢記/Shunmuki and ツバサ 春雷記/Shunraiki.

The release dates of all 4 manga/DVD items are:

February 17, 2009: xxxHolic Volume 14 with DVD
    -reservation date December 22nd
March 17, 2009: Tsubasa Volume 26 with DVD
    -reservation date January 19th
April 17, 2009: Tsubasa Volume 27 with DVD
    -reservation date February 25th
May 15, 2009: xxxHolic Volume 15 with DVD
    -reservation date March 23rd

[livejournal.com profile] hystree  extracted the images for wallpapers or other graphics here.


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