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The OAD website has updated with some character design images for Watanuki and Doumeki along with the news of the ending theme, Gomen-ne, by Tiara. Check it out!
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The former Tsubaholi OAD website has updated with a new splash and information about the upcoming OAD.

xxxHolic Volume 19 will be released on March 9th with the new OAD. The title is xxxHOLiC ・Rou Adayume. The title most likely coming from the previously released theme song from Suga Shikao. (See prior post for the opening PV). The staff is comprised of the same people from the previous OAD, and Nanase Ookawa is writing the screenplay. CLAMP will again be illustrating the case cover. There's also already a preorder page at Amazon.jp.


ETA: Besides the OAD update, CLAMP-NET has posted Nov 17th as the release date for the Peter Pan & Wendy book.

Also, xxxholic-net has updated with info about the 2nd box set and more eye-candy images on their special page. The 2nd box set comes out Oct. 27th.
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2ch has leaked the news that a new OAD was announced for Spring 2011 on the mail-in OAD that was released to those who bought & mailed in vouchers from three magazines last June.
[credits: 2ch]

ETA: Someone has listed the mail-in OAD with magazine card frame at Yahoo.jp Auctions
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To celebrate the release of the xxxHolic•Rou DVD next Friday, the website has uploaded downloadable Mokona-themed tumbler patterns similar to that used by Kohane in the anime.

...eh, thx?
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The OAD website has updated with the cover. Volume 17 will be out April 23rd.
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A member of CiF just posted this:

Xxx Holic transfert from Young Magazine to Bessatsu Shônen Magazine

In Chapter # 204 of Xxx Holic (clamp) present in Young Magazine # 16 (On Sale Saturday) we learn that this chapter will be the last published in Young Magazine. With effect from the next chapter, the series will be published in Shounen Magazine Bessatsu.

So the series moves from a Seinen magazine to a Shonen Magazine, and the rate goes from weekly to monthly.

The resumption of the series (With Chapter # 205) will be held in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine # 07 (On sale June 9). At that time the series will be entitled to the magazine cover and color pages.

[published by Heiji-sama]

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Aurelia has uploaded the Kobato. article from this month's Newtype 3 HERE.

And other small updates...
Nanase Ookawa points to Mika Kikuchi's blog for photos of Mika's wedding dress. There's also another small photo of CLAMP's Mokona x Fuuma illustration gift.

There are seiyuu comments added to the xxxHolic•Rou website.

CLAMP-NET's guest column has been updated with an article from Takuya Matsushita from Kodansha's video production office. He talks a little about the upcoming xxxHolic OAD.
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Just a heads up that a short preview has been posted on the website.


Such a long wait D:
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The xxxHolic・Rou OAD website has updated with screencaps of the PV which should be out soon. The OAD will be released with Volume 17 of the manga April 23rd.
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For the people interested, Holic17+OAD, which is scheduled to be released on April 23th 2010, is now available for preorder in Amazon.co.jp, right HERE for 4800JPY.
This is the most expensive of them all so far, including the TRC+OAD releases too...will they add something special in it...or do they just plan to milk money from the fans? ^^;;
In the product description, they say that Clamp will be drawing the DVD case jacket. The OAD is around 40min long.

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Young Magazine #52 say that xxxHolic•Rou 194 will release in 12/21 with extra and color pages. It will be the first chapter of volume 17.

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The old Tsubasa-xxxHolic OAD website updated with a new splash and new information on the upcoming xxxHolic OAD.

Release date: April 23, 2010 with Volume 17 of the manga
Reservation date: February 8, 2010
Length: 40 minutes!
Staff and cast: remains the same, Nanase Ookawa will be writing the script.
Other: Clamp will illustrate the tall case jacket

Extra: For those who can preorder and register via mobile, you will receive newsletters from the cast and staff. You will also get an opportunity to attend the premiere. There will also be a lottery to win one of five CLAMP-illustrated Mujetgraph prints (giclee art prints).

More details can be found here.


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