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I'm not quite sure it's ok for me to open yet another thread for this, but if I only edited the previous one I was afraid most of you would miss it, so here we go, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] syaoranmew who called my attention unto it, there indeed was a 10th page that was modified in the epilogue, not 'added' like the ones before, but really 'modified' (well, there is another modification in an 11th page but it's not important...)

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There're a few more that were unnoticed o/ And one of them has a bit of new dialogue, too, so it'd be great if someone could translate it?

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Everyone's got a chance to catch up on translations and scanlations, so time to type out your thoughts.

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Just a quick hello to all the new members.
Please read the community guidelines, and as we head towards the end of Tsubasa and xxxHolic, please keep all commentary, spoilers, even quick hints under a lj-cut when you post. Thx!

And onto the discussion...
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A long while back, there was some interest in having more discussion in the community. Since Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and xxxHolic seem to be getting closer to the end, we'll open the community up for weekly (if there is a chapter published) discussions with different people modding. We continue this as long as there is interest. :)

Here's the first prompt...
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Don't know how much "news" this really is, so someone delete it if it's not.

Just wanted to note I made a little page on the Rekoruto, or Rekord (aka Lecourt) etymology after a couple emails inspired me to do a little more research. And any European language speakers are still welcome for input or corrections. o_O;;


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