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Tsubasa Illustration Chronicle was released a few days ago in Japan, on December 2d.
It was presented as a 'mini artbook', with exact the same dimensions as the manga volumes and 68 pages.
It doesn't have a dust cover and the only new artwork is the cover of the book.


Well, my opinion is simple and clear: I do not consider this as an artbook per se, but more like as a complement to the manga volumes > as you know,the tankubons do not have any color pages inside, so I think of this book as an extra volume with all the illustrations we would have liked to see inside the manga.
And as such, it's pretty nice to own, I'm really happy to own it :)


The TWC illustrations inside are:
-3 covers of the manga volumes
-2 covers of the bluray included in the special edition of vol 1 & 2
-1 cover of the case of the PlayButton included in the special edition of vol 3
-4 covers of the Shounen Magazine Special issues in which TWC was published
-1 illustration of a clearfile given as a gift with an issue of shounen magazine special
-12 color splashes for the chapters themselves.
For a total of 23 illustrations of the Tsubasa World Chronicle series, as announced.

Now, what is to say about the illustrations from TRC?
Pretty much nothing, to be honest... They chose random artworks from the TRC series: some are covers from the Deluxe edition, some are covers from the regular edition, some are color pages from the chapters etc... all in all, those are all known pictures that were already all compiled in the 2 artbooks released years ago.

What actually pleased me, surprisingly, were the black and white chibis we got in the very last pages: chibis of the characters as waiters, original drawings of chibis used to make keychains/photo frame which were sold last year, and the little chibis that are actually the cover of a tumbler that could be won if you participated to a game included in one of the shounen magazine special.
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Here goes the only 2 new spreads I saw in my artbook, the scans are no good if you ask me, you can clearly see I didn't try hard at all....
This is really only to give you an idea of how they are, until someone...well...destroy their copy for the sake of making good scans of spreads ^^;;;;;
The cover though is total HQ ;)

pictures after the cut ^^ )
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Rejoice! It IS a FyexKurogane picture :D
I did not receive my own copy yet but I spoiled myself already ^^;;
Nat from Animepaper share the HQ scan right here, you can only get it if you're a member of AP though ^^;;

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Somewhat spoilery, but nothing 'new'--- The 2nd Tsubasa artbook was released this week. The bloggers have confirmed the 2 extra comics included in the artbook are the 2 Horitsuba omakes that were released in Shonen Magazine's Dragon Special; the Xmas cake and New Year's stories. :/
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Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Kobato has made it to the top of the Newtype rankings on the female character list and series list. :)

Also, Amazon.jp has the larger image of the Tsubasa artbook 2 up.
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Kodansha has the cover to the Tsubasa −ALBuM De REPRoDUCTioNS 2− artbook up. It'll be released November 13th (or 17th depending on the online source).

ETA: Amazon.jp has a larger version of the image up.
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CLAMP-NET's guest column updated with some Tsubasa news from Shonen Magazine's editorial staff.

Volume 28 will be released in November.

The 2nd artbook will also be released in November, and will contain a newly illustrated cover, comments from CLAMP and a couple comics for 1,890 yen.

(heads-up from [livejournal.com profile] chibiyuuto.)
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The U.S. release dates for Tsubasa ALBuM De REProDUCTioNS andThe Official xxxHOLiC Guide have popped up on Amazon and are both set for October 27th, 2009.

Tsubasa artbook

xxxHolic Guidebook
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Random scans from the Tsubasa artbook from [livejournal.com profile] saa_chan
(if anyone's scanned the whole thing, lemme know I kinda don't want to bend my book, so I'll wait for someone else to do it...heh)

Clamp-pla.net report on Mokona's autograph sessions at [livejournal.com profile] chibiyuuto's.

ETA: in case you missed it...
More trc artbook scans from saa-chan..And the last group of her scans..and the last last group
Cover, clear file, omake from cardcaptorkiki
Thumbnail index of images by icephoenix

Also, it's Golden Week in Japan so everyone is out getting drunk relaxing and not producing manga.
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[livejournal.com profile] ontogenesis has the Tsubasa artbook already and has preview photos HERE.

[livejournal.com profile] ladydarkmoon has more and more CLAMP in 3-D Land articles from the current anime magazines HERE.

Thanks a bunch guys.

ETA: The 3-D Land page updated for real this time with the new box image HERE.
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A few ppl here asked about the ISBN for this book.

ISBN:4063646866 or 9784063646863


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