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... about Subaru,
who was drawn kinda female-ish with long hair, that was falling bound over his shoulder, sitting on porch dressed in a white kimono (probably his onmyouji outfit) and smiling!

I believe I've seen it on deviant.art once but I'm not absolutely sure on this.
I tried browsing through keywords I put in without luck.

please help find this pic!
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Hello! I hope this kind of request is okay; if not, please feel free to delete it.

I watched the xxxHolic live drama and liked Doumeki's actor Higashide Masahiro instantly. By accident, I found out that he has a feature (?) on Switch Magazine March 2013 issue, pages 52-58. At the same time I saw that xxxHolic has a part in the same issue too, on pages 124-125. Full contents are listed here.

ETA: Apparently Watanuki's actor Sometani Shota is also on this magazine?

Also, I couldn't find Suga Shikao's full version of the Aitai PV. Anyone? :(

I'm thinking of getting the magazine (and the single itself if budget allows) if no one has it though. I hope my request is reasonable. Thank you!
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... about Subaru,
who was drawn kinda female-ish with long hair, that was falling bound over his shoulder,
sitting on porch dressed in a white kimono (probably his onmyouji outfit) and smiling!

I believe I've seen it on deviant.art once but I'm not absolutely sure on this.
I tried browsing through keywords I put in without luck.

please help find this pic!


Oct. 20th, 2009 05:12 pm
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I've been wondering if there's a link to watch free streaming kobato (and if possible legally) D:
[identity profile] kurohaneshizumi.livejournal.com
I checked the tags and such, but the second Horitsuba Drama CD's link was linked to someone's journal and that particular person's journal was deleted.

So, is there any way anyone can upload this Drama CD since that person's journal was deleted? ^_^;;

I'm in no rush. :3

Thank you in advance!

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D: I was wondering if there was a mp3 from the CLOVER music video? I really like the song and want it! Please and Thank you!
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Hi everybody, this my first post so if ive done something wrong feel free to correct me.

I just finished reading the Clover contemplation and was trying to look up any merch/goodies, without any avail. Google always comes up with stuff from a series called Honey & Clover, whatever that is. I was hoping that maybe I could get some help with finding a few things/telling me if they even exist:

- Any merch/figures/general goodies
- Official DVDs (I saw an AMV with animation, did they make a series? All the download links on here are screwed up and the posts confuse me)
- Any recordings, official or unofficial, of the song "Clover" from the series
- Any other official music (I saw on here some sort of music video thing form back in 1999 came out with a CCS movie?)

Ide be perfectly fine with downloads or sites to purchase any of the above. Like I said, all the links already in this community either were broken or didn't work on my computer. Thank you in advance, It makes me sad that this doesn't have a lot of merch because it's such a beautiful series.
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Does anyone know if Clamp will be coming out with a Tsubasa / xxxHolic 2010 calendar? They didn't come out with a 2009 one and I haven't heard anything about 2010 =/

* * * * *
...held by the wings of an angel...
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Hey all,

Would anyone here have information regarding CLAMP's official music videos for X/1999, Tokyo Babylon and Wish? Have these ever been available on DVD? The only music videos I'm aware of that have been released are Clover, and Clamp in Wonderland - any info is much appreciated :)
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Can anyone direct me to an .AVI version of the new Tsubasa ova (RAW version!)? I tried looking around but all I found was the mp4 version and converters don't seem to work on it....orz

Thank you in advance!


Jan. 21st, 2009 02:03 pm
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I was wondering if anyone knows if CLAMP has any plans to continue Legal Drug. I know they put the series "on halt" b/c of the Xholic/Tsubasa stuff, but from what I understand they've started another series, so...yeah. If anyone knows...
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Hi, first time posting here and hope this is okay to ask..

I was wondering if someone had better pictures of Chii in this pink/white dress? Most especificly, I need it showing from the front, in full. I've been looking everywhere I can but no luck, so I thought i'll go ahead and finally ask. Thanx in advance to anyone who can help. ^^

chii pic )
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I've got a question about the Tsubasa Untold World omakes-- I know where most of them are from, but others I have no idea. As far as I know there are eight of them. I used the Tsubasa chapter list on Wikipedia for help, so I should have listed all the ones that were in tankboubons-- were the others in artbooks or something?

Untold World 01 - Volume 08
Untold World 02 - Character Guide
Untold World 03 - Volume 10 (thanks Marissa)
Untold World 04 - Volume 12
Untold World 05 - Volume 13
Untold World 06 - Volume 15
Untold World 07 - Character Guide II
Untold World 08 - ALBuM De REProDUCTioNS (thanks cardcaptorkiki)

Anyone know where the 03 and 08 are from? Does anyone have scans of the 03, 05, 06, and 08 omakes?
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Hey everyone!
Happy early Christmas and New Years!
Just a quick question though...does anyone know where to download the HOLiC movie soundtrack?
I tried nipponsei but the files that I downloaded seems to be missing bits at the end..
So I was wondering if anyone has another copy?
Thanks for all your help!! \(^-^)/
[identity profile] littlewolfie.livejournal.com
Does anyone know when these images will come out in the bigger versions?


Thank you!

[identity profile] auxalie.livejournal.com
Hi everyone !
i'm looking for the scans of this artbook ... can't find them ;_;
thanks~ ^^

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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Well, I'm needing the ED sequence of X-TV, but without any credits on it. I did get a ED in a good quality and in DVD-RIP, but you see, it's severally messed up with the scrolling credits, arrrgh.

I'll be satisfied with a TV-RIP with good quality and no subs. Thanks if anyone can help me... <3
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I've come with a request of sorts 8D
Does anyone here have RG Veda volume 2 in Chinese they are willing to sell? This is the only book I'm missing from my collection (if I get volume 1..), and I'd love to complete my collection :D

I'm willing to buy it off for around USD$10 (excluding shipping), or I can get you a copy of the English version and trade it :)


cross-posted to [livejournal.com profile] clampfans


Aug. 30th, 2008 04:50 pm
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I checked the tags, and have looked high and low on yahoo search, and nowhere can I find a peep about a 2009 xxxholic/tsubasa calendar. I preordered the 2008 one from yesasia last year, but they haven't got a 2009 one on their preorder list yet.

Does anyone have any idea when/if a calendar for next year will be released?

Thanks for any info you might have!
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Hi, sorry if this is a bad place to post this. I was wondering if there is anyway I could get First Press editions of some Tsubasa singles I wanted. I live in the US. I really want the first press of BLAZE and synchronicity. I wouldn't mind paying extra or using an auction site, but I want it to be new. Any help would be great. Thanks!


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