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I wanted to buy "Nakayoshi 60th Anniversary Edition CCS Volume 2", but it's currently out of print.
[identity profile] cutesherry.livejournal.com
I received the Shonen Mag Special this morning, but with a translation already out from the chinese scans, how many people are still interested in getting the jap scans anyway?
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Just wanted to ask something.

I missed out on buying the Clamp desktop calendar last year, and so I was planning to purchase them this year for 2014. I have been looking around the internet looking for calendars to buy, but I didn't see any Clamp 2014 calendars listed anywhere.

So just to confirm my suspicion, there are no 2014 calendar releases this year from Clamp?
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Sorry if it doesn't belong here, but I have no idea where else to ask: does omnibus edition of MKR have Japanese sound effects just translated (like in omnibus CCS) or completely replaced? I'm thinking of buying those editions, but I want to be able to see original sound effects. Also, are they any weird names translations, like Oruha -> Ora in Clover omnibus? I'll be grateful for any information.
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Hello there, I'm planning of rescanlating past Gohou Drug volumes using decent raws and proper translations, but I have one problem: where to publish it? I was planning on posting them chapter by chapter on [livejournal.com profile] clamp2share, but it seems that posts are moderated now, so it would probably take ages waiting for them to be approved. Is there any other lj community or forum that allows sharing scanlations? I know there used to be forum called Clamp in Forumland but it's been down for months.

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So. How exactly are the mechanics of the comic that is supposed to come at the festival?

I mean, it has already come out and it's being showed in some way at the festival, it will be published in some format... it will come out today? Does someone knows?
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I just came across a website[http://www.bookdepository.com/Soryuden-Novel-One-Yoshiki-Tanaka/9780345496485] that says that Del Rey Books in releasing the first Soryuden novel on June 28.Can anyone comfirm this?
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... about Subaru,
who was drawn kinda female-ish with long hair, that was falling bound over his shoulder,
sitting on porch dressed in a white kimono (probably his onmyouji outfit) and smiling!

I believe I've seen it on deviant.art once but I'm not absolutely sure on this.
I tried browsing through keywords I put in without luck.

please help find this pic!
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Recently the producer printing Kobato in Italy declared Kobato will stop at volume 6... has that been confirmed by some official source? Is Kobato going to count only 6 volumes?

PS: if this sort fo question isn't allowed feel free to delete this.
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Since the community consists of an immense gathering of CLAMP fans, I figured this would be best asked here without going against any rules :)

I was wondering if anyone could tell me exactly where this image of CCS-universe Sakura/Syaoran appeared in terms of print (Unless it was originally in digital format only):

Behind the cut )

I keep feeling as if I actually own a piece of merchandise that includes this drawing (Although I don't believe it is found in any of the illustration artbooks...or was it a furoku of some sort?), but it has been a long while since I revisited the series, so I'm definitely suffering from the inability to place this image's origin! Thank you in advance for anyone who has the answer :)
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I have been considering getting the Angelic Layer Blu-ray set, and I was actually wondering what involvment, if any, CLAMP had in the production of the anime. I've looked at a couple sites where I can normally find this info. But for Angelic Layer I've had no luck. Thanks.
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Okay, so J-pop had announced they're going to reprint 'X' in Italy.
Why anyone out of Italy should care about this?
Apparently J-pop had been assured by Kadokawa and CLAMP's manager the series will be finished soon, or at least in time not to force J-pop to pause while printing it (which would mean, according to the tentative schedule given, that they need the new volumes ready for 2012... end of the world anyone? -_-).

Now, although this is a great new, I would like to know if someone can confirm J-pop's declaration about CLAMP being finally ready to end 'X'.
So, does anyone know something?

I'm not sure if this post is allowed. If not I apologize.
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I don't really like to request things in this community but I don't know where else to ask anymore.
IIRC last year at the same period I had already preordered my TRC/Holic Calendar. However this year I can't find it on either Yesasia or CDJapan. So where did you guys order it from? I'm getting a little itchy because I don't want to miss the preorder deadline!
Many thanks in advance!

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Hi, sorry if this is a bad place to post this. I was wondering if there is anyway I could get First Press editions of some Tsubasa singles I wanted. I live in the US. I really want the first press of BLAZE and synchronicity. I wouldn't mind paying extra or using an auction site, but I want it to be new. Any help would be great. Thanks!

X picture!

Mar. 21st, 2007 12:11 am
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Hi everyone! I've never posted on this LJ and I hope that what I'm going to ask is permitted!
I was just wondering if anyone can help me on finding a picture.


Does anyone know where I can find the picture of sinking buildings on the background of this wallpaper? I've tried to search it in the manga itself but even if I found a few similar I didn't manage to find this. Please can anyone help me?
Thank you very much!!!


Jan. 18th, 2007 06:26 pm
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Hello, I am a lurker but I've come out of lurkerdom to ask for any information about the following.

According to barnes and noble.com, Legal Drug 4 is slated to come out on the 28th of this month.   I am finding this really hard to believe (although it would be AWESOME) becasue I have yet to see any news that LG had come out of hiatus or if a group was doing a fan-translations.  Does anyone have any idea as to what is going on?



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