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~More information about this upcoming release~
Mouryou no Hako Blu-ray Box
Release date: May 22

The 3-disc set comes with: a newly illustrated box; Audio commentary by the seiyuu; The Case Files of Atsuko Chuzenji: The Case of the Spirits in the Boxes" 16-minute anime side story; 24 page full-color booklet with an original interview with the novel author, Kiyougoku Natsuhiko, CLAMP character design concepts, the anime character designs by Asako Nishida, story & director commentaries.
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Amazon.jp has the cover to Mouryou no Hako Volume 5 up. It's the last volume, and it will be out April 22nd.
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Here's the cover to Mouryou no Hako's Official Guide book. It contains 88 pages of illustrations, seiyuu interviews and an interview with the author & director. This is on sale March 27th.
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Here's the cover of Mouryou no Hako Volume 4. The DVD will be out March 25th.

CLAMP in CARDLAND Series 6 launched last week. The package illustration is the only newly illustrated card in this series. The card has a different colored background than the actual package that has been previously posted. (Feel free to post a better scan if you've got it).
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For the Mouryou no Hako fans -- MyCom has a report and photos of the Mouryou No Hako DVD launch event which took place Feb 1st. Ryosuke Nakamura (director), Natsuhiko Kyogoku (author), and Hiroaki Hirata (seiyuu playing Akihiko Chuzenji) were the guests.
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Here's the cover of Mouryou no Hako Volume 3. It will be on sale February 25th.


And here's the cover to FictionJunction's Everlasting Songs album. It will also be out Februaruy 25th.
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Here's the cover to the second volume of Mouryou no Hako. It will be released January 21st.

A special commemorative talk event was also announced. There will be an entry form with the DVD and winners will be selected to attend the event February 1st. Natsuhiko Kyougoku & Hiroaki Hirata will be the guests. (more info at the website).

ETA: Here's a recent performance of 'Naked Love' by Nightmare on Music Japan.
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Photobucket Photobucket

Not directly CLAMP news, but the Mouryou no Hako website updated with more DVD information and the cover illustrations. Volume 1 will be out Dec 21st. Volume 2 will be out Jan 21st.
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Aerosubs torrent

Mouryou no Hako anime release information:
December 3: Ending theme single - Nightmare's Naked Love
December 21: DVD Volume 1 - contains 2 episodes (there will be a total of 5 volumes)
December 21: OST
April 2009: Blu-ray Box

*As far as I know, there are no CLAMP extras with any of these. :(

Also, for those who shop from CDJapan, they have TRC volume 26 w/ OAD up for preorder here.
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The Mouryou no Hako website has updated with standard menu links to intro, story, characters, staff, music & mobile pages. The ending theme song, Naked Love by Nightmare, didn't have a release date before, but is now December 3rd. The LE will have an anime trading card.

Anime updates will continue until the first episode airs and then the focus will be on CLAMP-related anime involvement. :)
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Youtube has a short CM for Mouryou no Hako. This anime will start Oct 7th.
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NTV's Mouryou no Hako's website is open. Right now, there's just a splash image, but enjoy.

Mycom has a new article with colored character design shots.

Animetopics has a rundown on who the characters are.
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A couple images from Newtype 10 have come out early. The Mouryou no Hako article contains information on the anime and CLAMP's character concepts.
Click here for larger spread (credits: 2ch). It seems to be a little cut off, but feel free to post if you see the full article anywhere.

Judging from the promo spread, one of the first anime arcs will be about the 2 girls from the first chapter of the manga. You can read the first chapter at MangaFox.

You can see the seiyuu list here.
I'm not familiar with the main characters nor the seiyuu playing them, so I'll only list a few of the seiyuu; Hiroaki Hirata, Morikawa Tomoyuki, Takaaki Seki, Namikawa Daisuke, Takahashi Mikako.

Moonphase reports www.ntv.co.jp/mouryou/ being the homepage site, but there's nothing there right now.
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Since CLAMP is only on staff for character concepts, not sure how much Mouryou no Hako news will be posted here. It doesn't seem like an anime that will explode into a very big fandom like Code Geass, but I'll post a few miscellaneous items leading up to the anime release here and the usual CLAMP-related tie-ins.

The opening song for Mouryou no Hako is 'Lost in Blue' by Nightmare.
Their PV can be seen on Youtube or Dailymotion, and Nightmare also performed the song live on Music Japan.

The single will be out September 17th.
The limited edition comes with an anime trading card.
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An upcoming Madhouse anime, Mouryou no Hako (もうりょうのはこ/
魍魎の匣), will have on staff - CLAMP as the character concept artists. (more info at chibiyuuto's and animeblade)

ETA: More information (story blurb, character blurbs and character sheets) about Mouryou no Hako has been updated:
Mainichi news
Mycom news


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