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On the February 2017 issue of Young Ace (release date: december 31st), the magazine in which Drug And Drop is published (allow me to laugh here...), we got a cover in which all the mangakas participated (for the 100th anniversary of the magazine), CLAMP included: so you can see a new little illustration of D&D on the very top (Kazahaya alone).
It also seems like there is a QUO card, but it's unclear to me whether it is a gift included in the magazine, or if it something you must apply for.

source: twitter

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For the one of you who missed them, or simply do not follow really closely the news on clamp's twitter account, here goes the illustrations by Nekoi which were released during the month of october, Halloween themes artworks. They are pretty big sized, I even used the Mokona one as a wallpaper for a while this month ^^
[click on thumbnails to enlarge]

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There's a new line of xxxHOLiC-themed 'Line app stickers'. I think you need to download the app to get the sticker, but the preview image has some cute pictures.

And be sure you are following Nekoi Tsubasa on twitter as she is posting a few Halloween-themed illustrations this month.

And of course follow CLAMP's twitter account to see the numerous High & Low movie fanart.

And there's a bunch of new CCS products at Animate including hand cream, water bottles and bento box items.
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Happy Birthday to Mokona, who turned 47 years old to day, June 16th ^_^

She is the one in charge of illustration and character design, to which we owe many of the beautiful artworks we've been enjoying all these years!
She must be working extra hard on CCS these days! :D

Here goes a sketch by Nekoi for her:

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I thought that the whole "detective agency" would only last on April 1st, but it seems like it shall still be on going until the end of their break, on april 3rd!

Since yesterday, many characters of CLAMP's universe have been added up:

-Yukito Tsukishiro the secretary, thanks God he finally came, so late!: he took care of cleaning, looked over the office supplies and added up tea and coffee as things to buy soon.
-Akira Ijuin, the accountant which is not happy at all about the money spent on alcohol and food, and made it quite clear that personal drinks and snacks are not recognized as an expense!
-Seishiro Sakurazuka, a lawyer on the side of the cheating husband in a divorce case, and Subaru(also a lawyer) is a client of the Detective Agency, who came to ask for a background check of said cheating husband...
-Hokuto works as an Editor for a Fashion Magazine, sounds like a busy job!
-The office also got 2 part-timers: Kamui and Ryuuho!

-->Not a 100% sure, but there seem to also be another office: 花蛍事務所 for which Kazama and Rikuo (Lawful Drug/Drug&Drop) work for

-Black and White Mokona, the Office's mascots and self proclaimed "cute and sexy" are...boucing around and doing just fine! They even helped with the cleaning! But then...there was something about Kurogane ending up trapped under a bookshelf urrhh... but Kurogane is doing just fine! Yeah!
-the Agency's neighboor kids: the Junior High twins 'Syaoran' and 'Syaoran', and their tiny elementary school brother who is identical to them, also "Syaoran" (count on CLAMP to have the guts to use all THREE Syaoran in their detective roleplaying, and they are identical brothers, of course ^^;). Those brothers were surprised by the sound of the falling bookshelf and came to see what was happening. They offered to help putting it back in place, how nice of them!

<message from Akira Ijuin>
Are you okay? ! If the fallen bookshelf is damaged, please fill all specifications and application form. Repair expenses will be deduced from your salary, there was a contact from the director Kimihiro! Kurogane-san, thank you! (* ^ ▽ ^ *)
</end message>

Wait! There are yet MORE people coming to the Agency, this time it's...the Sakura twins! Both girls are in Junior High School, and their little sister in Elementary school, also "Sakura", came with them~

ooohohohohohohohoh!!! My! My! My!
The little brother and sister in elementary School, Sakura and Syaoran, suddenly became both bright red! :D Cute! <say both black and white Mokona>


Unfortunately I can't read Japanese and online translation is not enough, but I can tell that other characters made an apperance, like Himawari and Doumeki from xxxholic, Touya Kinomoto, and Ashura and Yasha from RGVeda. But the above is the limit of how much I can interpret all the tweets posted by CLAMP. And there are things about food, food, more food, then drinks and drinks again ^^;;

I find it curious that CLAMP put the SxS twins in different grades, the little wolves in Middle School, and the 2 cherry blossoms in Junior High...but their little siblings are both in Elementary, that's for sure ;) Just went to check the online translation again, and it says "Junior High School" for both pair of twins? @_@ How in the Hell did I get it wrong? They used the word "中学生" for both, which in Japanese can be both "Junior High schooler" and "middle school pupil"

Feel free to check their twitter account to follow their story further!

As for me, I have only one thing to say: MAKE A MANGA OUT OF THIS!
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April 1st is a pretty important date for CLAMP's fans, a date in which we always have expectations for..."something", but we don't know what.

And so, I thought it was time to investigate and go see what we got this year, and what was my surprise to see that (how convenient for me!), CLAMP had changed their business: they are now a Detective Agency! A detective agency which is...ON BREAK from April 1st till April 3rd, damn...

This is the notice that was on their office's door:

But I decided not to give up and go look for answers by going to see the Director, Watanuki Kimihiro:

Looks like Director Watanuki Kimihiro was planning to sleep all day and not get out of his comfy futon, but was woken up first thing in the morning with calls from their regular clients, saying that this "rest day" must be an April Fool Joke!

But it is not an April Fool Joke (XD): it is indeed their day off > looks like 2 of the staff members were playing on the veranda, it turned into a fight, and they ended up both falling from the veranda! And so, they are now being treated at the hospital, and thankfully one of them is intact, and the other only have an ankle sprain! [link]

Poor Watanuki! He is being told that if this rest day is a joke, to get up already and go cook some rice!
In all this chaos, it seems like the Detective Office mascots, both white and black Mokona, are doing fine...


About the fake date of "closure" of their "Detective Office", CLAMP might not have had any other choice: the issue of Nakayoshi with the new CCS manga annoucement will officialy go on sale this week-end after all...so! We are getting NOTHING until said manga annoucement! (which better be something REAL good! I want to be WOW-ed!)
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CLAMP posted this sketch for Touya's birthday, Feb 29th.

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There is exactly 1 month left before my birthday, and that reminded me these past few months, CLAMP have been posting new artworks for their character's seiyuus bdays:

Artworks for Jun Fukuyama's bday on Nov 26th (Watanuki's voice actor) and Kazuya Nakai's bday on Nov 25th (Doumeki's voice actor)

Artworks for Sayaka Ohara's bday on Dec 6th (Yuuko's voice actress) and Tsutomu Mizushima's bday on Dec 6th (Director of all the xxxholic animations *series, OAD, movie*)

Artworks for Shizuka Ito's bday on Dec 5th (Himawari's voice actress) and Mika Kikuchi's bday on Dec 16th (Mokona, Modoki's voice actress)

Artworks for Yui Makino's bday on Jan 19th (princess Sakura's voice actress) and Junko Iwao's bday today, on Feb 18th (Tomoyo's voice actress)

EDIT: Artwork for Miyu Irino's bday on Feb 19th (Syaoran's voice actor)

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Clamp made this illustration for the opening of Iwao Junko's live streaming show in Nico Nico Douga, entitled "Iwao Junko no Gannama!". The show premiered on January 26th, 2016.
The 2d episode has been scheduled to be aired on February 18th, 2016.
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Satsuki Igarashi turned 46 yo today, February 8th, 2016.

This year it happened on the same day as the Chinese New Year, looks like she will have a lot to celebrate today!!

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A cute doodle from CLAMP featuring Code Geass's Akito and MKR's Hikaru.
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I'm not too sure what they had in mind when they drew this, or why was it part of a tweet about today's radio program, but these pictures of Syaoran with many different facial expressions is funny ^_^
Several of them makes me think of "Syaoron" from Holitsuba Gakuen XD

[click the thumbnail to enlarge the pic]

EDIT: Explanation, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] clstmk ,thanks!!!: "there's an anime called Osomatsu-san (6 brothers as main characters) that airs right now and Miyu Irino, Seiyuu of Syaoran, is doing the voice of Todomatsu, the youngest brother. (The twitter has Syao-matsu-san (しゃお松さん), which is Syaoran x Osomatsu-san)"
From the looks of it, Clamp had fun making a 'Syaoran-matsu-san' ver. of the sextuplet ^_^

Ironically enough though, there *IS* a total of exactly 6 'Syaoran' in Clamp's universe:
1-Syaoran Li (card captor sakura)
2-Syaoran (the one from volume 01 of TRC, which is a clone of Tsubasa/Syaoran Li, created with magic by Fei Wang Reed)
3-Tsubasa (also 'syaoran') Li (TRC and TWC)
4- Syaoran Li (the one that got reincarnated and lead a whole new life in another world, Tsubasa's father)
5-Syaoran Li ( youngest twin, Holitsuba Gakuen)
6-Syaoron Li (eldest twin, Holitsuba Gakuen)
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A pretty funny sketch, related to the lastest chapter of Holitsuba released in October: Clamp's imagined the whole cast as horses...so here you got the balcony scene with Sakura/Horse/Romeo x Syaoran/horse/Juliet!
Sakura looks very much into it, white Syaoran doesn't looks quite convinced by the whole thing, but goes on with it anyway hahaha~

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See first post about Nekoi's art for Halloween 2015 HERE

Well, this picture bellow was a bit of a surprise since I actually genuinely didn't recognize Kurogane for a sec here ^^;

[click to enlarge]
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AGF 2015 is to be held on November 7th, 2015 in Japan, and at that date, pretty nice goods from BREAK will be sold at their booth there: all badges and acrylic keychains of Card Captor Sakura, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and Magic Knight Rayearth.

They are featuring new artworks by CLAMP, all SD versions of the characters, aren't they adorable?! :D Their clothes designs are not new in the sens they come for old illustrations, but seeing chibi versions of them is just too cute for words! XD The only thing I'm wondering about is the CCS collection: why randomly add up Yue, instead of respecting the original artwork and adding up Eriol? This, I do not understand...

On the twitter account of BREAK, there seems to say something about a pre-sale of the badges collections, but I do not know how this works, but very likely a service dedicated to the fans in Japan, not international buyers.

The TRC rubber keychains are not part of thew AGF2015 event (though I personally expect they will very likely be sold at the Break booth too...): only the badges are. The rubber keychains are scheduled for release on October 31th, 2015.

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We are still 2 weeks away from Halloween, but Nekoi has already started posting new pencil illustrations all themed around Halloween.
I hope we will see more of them, ans also that some will hopefully be colored by the end of this month

[click on thumbnails to enlarge]

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In the Weekly Shonen Magazine nº45, readers will have a chance to win CLAMP's 2016 Greeting Card.

2016 will be the year of the Monkey in Chinese Zodiac.

Sources: chibiyuuto's FB and  https://twitter.com/tsutsu0401/status/651743473112997889

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Yet another anniversary! This year 2015, Anniversaries of all kinds are literally falling off the skies and crawling through the earth, and with them come goodies and artworks~
This time, it's ASUKA magazine 30th Anniversary: Kadokawa Shoten's ASUKA is the magazine in which X-1999 premiered in May 1992 issue, and ran there until the magazine's editors showed concern with the increasingly violent stories and the series went on long-term hiatus in March 2003...

And so! To celebrate said 30th Anniversary, the readers will get an opportunity to win a mini drawing board (shikishi) featuring "X", drawn and signed by CLAMP.
A colored reprodution of the signed mini drawing board will come as an appendix in the next issue of ASUKA magazine, out on June 24.

[source: Clamp twitter and chibiyuuto]

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Nekoi made a drawing for her (HUGE error on the text though: no 'h' in birthday, this is my first time witnessing this kind of errors with Clamp, but it happens I guess hahaha~), and Igarashi and Mokona wrote short congratulatory messages in the clamp.net blog.
If some other things are added up during the day, I will edit this post ^_^

EDIT: tons of twitcastings today for Ohkawa's birthday! A shame I don't understand what they are saying >.<

Related to the twitcastings it seems, Clamp's members playing around drawing?


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