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Just a quick reminder that you have about a week left to submit your CLAMP fanwork gift to the editors. Thanks!

And a quickie mention..
Parismatch.com has an article on CLAMP's trip to Paris. The article's photo is nice.

ETA: NT 8's Kobato x Wish article with Nanase Ohkawa and a new Wish illustration was posted over at chibiyuuto's.
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Sorry if it's not allowed (I can't help but think I'm spamming ^^u) but in our spanish TRC fansite, Crossed Destinies, we've just updated with our Japan Expo review, which includes some stuff that can be interesting even if you don't understand the language: a few videos, the complete Yui Makino concert, the "Syaoran-kun, daisuki!" audio clip and photos.

Sorry in advance about the video and audio quality, but that's the best our camera could do D: (and the Yui Makino audio clip was taken while hiding our camera so that the staff couldn't see it ^^u).

It can be found here if you're interested. Thanks for looking ^^
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Total-manga.com has a transcript of the CLAMP interview at Japan Expo.
ETA: Link to video
Translation by Aurelia )


There was also an update on the Fanbook email list. Please take a quick look if you are from a Spanish-speaking country.
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Here are a few image links to some events from the Japan Expo in Paris last weekend.

A photo of the illustration CLAMP drew on stage.

Link to a large gallery of photos from the CLAMP cosplay contest with a few photos of CLAMP judging.
List of videos to the cosplay winners
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AOL News France has a short clip of CLAMP at a news conference in regards to their first visit to Paris and the Japan Expo over the weekend.
(quick translation by cutesherry)

I imagine that there were a lot of news organizations interviewing CLAMP. Feel free to mention any other news or interview links that you find. Thx.
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First signature cessions and cosplay contest!!

is [livejournal.com profile] chibiyuuto-san's report and there is mine!
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Okay, today in Paris was the first day of Japan Expo but also CLAMP’s first apparition : they went to the inauguration of an exhibition dedicated to their work. You had to be in possession of an invitation to attend. I got one from a friend and here is my report! Be careful, it's image heavy with picture of the CLAMP and of the exhibition!

[personal profile] chibiyuutowas also there, though we didn’t see each other (difficult matter, when you don’t even know the other’s face XD) but I’m sure he’ll also post things soon.
EDIT : here is his post! He took some great videos and even talked to Mokona-sensei!!!

Maybe others were there and would like to share their impressions?
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Hello there !

Japan Expo and « CLAMP : the Queens of Manga in Paris » are opening the day after tomorrow.


About Japan Expo and the Clamp in Paris artbook )
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These are a couple official CLAMP event goods that will be sold at the Japan Expo this weekend. The shikishi's illustration is new, and is limited to 1,000, so get it while you can. :)

ETA: There will also be a CLAMP in Paris artbook sold in conjunction with the CLAMP exhibit at the Gallerie des Bibliothèques.
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We finally received CLAMP schedule for Japan Expo : here is the English version, and there is the French one.

To make it short, there will be four signing cessions and one conference, instead of the two they announced, plus a Cosplay contest. All events will take place on Friday and Saturday.
They also give explanations on the signing cession system, even though the warning at the end, stating that some of the cessions will be managed by Pika and Kaze, the editors of CLAMP's manga and anime, is quite troubling. The details are still to be displayed on their own internet sites.

As we are less than a month from the convention, maybe it would be useful to establish who will be coming, in the case of a community meeting or a joint gift?
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Hello Clamp Now,
I have two things to say, the first one concerning the fans :

Like everyone knows, CLAMP will be in Paris for Japan Expo 2009, and thus many French communities wanted to make something to celebrate (a T-shirt or a badge). But following a mail from Pika (the French editor of most of CLAMP’s works) and Kaze (the French editor of CLAMP's anime for some time), it was recommended not to wear such things, because Japan Expo visitors will be will watched very carefully for any form of counterfeit or illegal use of images.

So, to conclude : T-shirts and badges are not allowed.

On the other hand, there will be a big booth dedicated to CLAMP with official merchandise from Japan (which is legal according to them).
To make it short, wearing a T-shirt stating “Clamp, I love you” with an image of Sakura above these words is forbidden according to Pika and Kaze. (I am not aware of SEFA’s official position, SEFA being the association managing Japan Expo but I will call them this week to hear their point of view on this subject)

By the way, the webzine Ugoku Shinbun joins my community (Clamp Addict) to take advantage of the 10st edition of Japan Expo and try to interview the mythic studio Clamp, so, we need YOU to find interesting questions.

You can ask questions about passages of their works, possible sequels, internal plots, their tastes or their way of working, etc... in the comments and I’ll add them to the list of potential questions.

But to make it clear, nothing is certain, reaching Clamp will not be easy, and if we do succeed, we will be able to ask only a few questions (there will be a selection before Japan Expo)

[Edit] : Second version of the text by Kei-san, thank to her.
ext_211774: (research)
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The registeration for the Clamp cosplay is now closed. Anybody here managed to be on the list? Who are you cosplaying (so we know who to look for on stage...^_^)?
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Tonkam editions provided a little flyer about CLAMP and they're not the only one doing new editions of "classics", so I did some researches and scanning if you are interested!

a little preview...

I also did a translation of the explanations about the signing cessions organisation at Japan Expo for those who think they'll go ^^
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Paris' Japan Expo has added a few more musical artists including Yui Makino (Tsubasa's Sakura). She'll be part of the JE Live House event July 4th.

Paris will also again host an exhibit of CLAMP artwork at the Galerie des Bibliothèques which will run from July 3rd to September 27th. [livejournal.com profile] kitsune_no_ame has a writeup of last year's similar exhibit in Angoulême back here.

And on July 7th, the Forum des Images will present the Tsubasa & xxxHolic movies, Tsubasa Chronicle episode 1 and xxxHolic Kei episode 1.
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Just a quick mention that CLAMP-NET updated with a press release on their upcoming trip to the Japan Expo in Paris July 2nd. They also have a flyer with some mildly amusing english.
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Hi! For everyone who will be attending Paris' Japan Expo from the 2nd to the 5th of July this year, I have the great pleasure to announce this:

I just received a newsletter saying that the studio CLAMP will be honnour guests, to celebrate their 20th anniversary, and the Japan Expo's 10th.

I think I'm dying a little with the joy.

Japan Expo's website here for the French-speaking. Please don't hesitate to ask me if you want me to translate for you.

[EDIT] Okay so [livejournal.com profile] kei_san77 gave me the links to the English versions! You can also find a page dedicated to CLAMP =)

Also, who would be interesting in a meeting in Paris or the convention and is there anything special you would like to do?

If we all meet, we might get CLAMP a present, too.


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