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Some upcoming domestic licensing news from Dark Horse:

Legal Drug omnibus will be released September 10, 2014 (will contain all three volumes).
Drug & Drop Volume 1 will be released January 7, 2015.

And they will start to release CLAMP's works digitally starting with Clover May 21, 2014, and Cardcaptor Sakura and Chobits in June.

[credits: ANN)
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CLAMP's GATE 7 Volume 2 will be out November 4th.

ETA: Preorder at Amazon.jp

ETA: Dark Horse will release it February 29th. Their Cardcaptor Omnibus 3 will be out February 15th.
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After much conflicting information, including the news that Kodansha had apparently recalled all of their North American licenses, the Dark Horse Omnibus edition of Magic Knight Rayearth was released yesterday.

I discovered this when Amazon decided to email me to tell me it had been dispatched, despite me believing that I would one day get a 'this item is no longer available' email.

Hopefully this means that the Cardcaptor Sakura Onmibus part 2 will genuinely be released in August (as is currently listed), as I know several members were upset when it was thought that project cancelled after many had already brought part 1 (including me).

I figured that since the last post regarding this was the news that this release was possibly not going to happen, it was worth letting everyone know that Dark Horse appear to be back in the business of getting these CLAMP omnibuses out on sale!
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Publishers Weekly has a preview page of GATE 7 which will be released by Dark Horse October 25th. Click here.

And Kadokawa's new currently untitled magazine will publish a 2nd manga adaptation of BLOOD-C.
[credits: Manganews]
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Check out a short trailer on BLOOD-C's website


And a quick notice, Amazon.com has Dark Horse's GATE 7 Volume 1 up for preorder. (Release date: Nov 8)
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Dark Horse will be releasing the English version of CLAMP's GATE 7 Volume 1 on October 25th. Read DH editor, Michael Gombos', comments about simultaneous and/or digital releases at ANN.


There's also an image of the cover, so it's possible CLAMP will not be drawing new illustrations for the tankoubans (like they did not do for Kobato).

ETA: A full interview with Michael Gombos at MTV.
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Sorry, I wasn't aware MTV had manga news, so this is a little late...

"...Later this year, we'll be releasing omnibus editions of "Tokyo Babylon" and "Angelic Layer.." --Dark Horse's Michael Gombos [credits: MTV Geek]

Again, hopefully later this year means this year..:)
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There hasn't seem to have been any word on the Dark Horse omnibus stuff -- I knew the release dates had passed, so I started doing a little research. And the results of that were not so good.

I work for a comic retailer, so I have access to the Diamond Comics Distributor website - which tells us when books will be released and where we place our orders. When I checked last week, both the CCS and MKR omnibus editions that hadn't yet been released were still listed. However, I just checked them again today...

CCS 2 and MKR 1 had been completely removed, and this is what was listed for MKR 2

Which means it's only a matter of days before it's removed from the DCD database as well.

I'm gonna see if I can get some answers from Dark Horse on this, but I think the reasoning will likely have something to do with Kodansha USA wanting to release their own titles? It sucks, but I guess we'll find out soon enough.
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CLAMP-NET's mid-April update: Little bit of re-styling the website...Kobato has Drop #s now, menu items have slight changes.

No new scheduling changes or major additions. Check the previous news post for what's coming up. :)

ETA: They must've just added this.

A preview of the xxxHolic Volume 17's full cover illustration.

In some domestic release news, DH's Magic Knight Rayearth Omnibus 1 will be out Sept 29th.
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Noticed that DH had some Omnibus covers up and Amazon had Kobato's up.

And here's a list of other upcoming domestic releases (based on Amazon, Del Rey, Yen Press or Dark Horse's release dates)

August 17: Volume 3 (now Sept 28)

March 23: Volume 15
October 26: Volume 16

July 27: Volume 27
November 3: Volume 28

Cardcaptor Sakura Omnibus
July 14: Volume 1 (now August 18, Sept 22, Oct 5, Nov 2, Nov 23)

Chobits Omnibus
March 24: Volume 1
May 26: Volume 2 (now June 23, July 21, Aug 3, Aug 17)

Magic Knight Rayearth Omnibus
Sept 29: Volume 1

May 25: CLAMP in America (now Sept 28)
April 21: Okimono Kimono (now June 9)
unknown: Mangettes: Gate 7

(updated release dates: 5/28/10)
DH's CCS has an updated cover image.
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Just a short CLAMP mention in today's ICv2 interview with Dark Horse CEO, Mike Richardson. (Click for full article).

......We were attempting to work with the creators, which is the same way we’ve attempted to work in the past in the United States. That’s what I mean when I say we were trying to be creator-specific as opposed to genre-specific with regard to the shojo.

As far as the coming year we’ll probably be more in that area then we’ve ever been because we’ve made a deal with Clamp, probably the premier manga and anime group in Japan, the group of women who create these books that are the basis for so much animation and so much printed content.

You’re doing some omnibuses, right? And you have an art book coming out?
Yeah, we’re doing omnibuses, we have a variety of projects coming from them and we have some surprises coming in.
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First week of August with two main characters says Dark Horse about CLAMP's mangettes project. (via gia)
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Dark Horse's panel mentions that the CLAMP x Dark Horse project has been moved back to the summer of 2009.

(Credits: gia, ann)
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Here's a blog post about DH at Powell's bookstore. Licensing director, Michael Gombos, and editor, Carl Horn, were there promoting their manga & comic activity. Nothing too revealing was said, but CLAMP's 80-page mangettes are on schedule to be released in the Spring of 2009.

Based on their previous interview, I expect we'll see promotion activity at the end of this year barring no delays.  
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In an interview with Dark Horse CEO, Mike Richardson, ICv2 asks "What are Dark Horse's big initiatives or major events for 2008?"

He responds, "...We're very excited about seeing Clamp's first work for Dark Horse late in the year. That's a huge step for us internationally. It is a significant partnership for us, if you know the mark Clamp's made on manga and anime."

-the start of the interview here-

2008 is looking great.
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Publishers Weekly reports Dark Horse Books signing a deal with CLAMP to produce a new shoujo manga in 2009 which will be published simultaneously in Japan, USA and South Korea.

Dark Horse's official press release!

CLAMP's original manga with Dark Horse will be launched simultaneously in the United States, Japan, and Korea. The story will come out in a small digest consisting of about eighty pages each, which will then be collected into trade paperbacks with bonus material. CLAMP and Dark Horse are coining the bilingual term Mangettes to describe this innovative new format for manga distribution. This digest format, or Mangette, signifies CLAMP's personal wish to reach their large international readership by now speaking to them directly as artists through Dark Horse, and on a basis of equality with their Japanese fans.

CLAMP and Dark Horse chose the term Mangettes to describe this revolutionary format, whose Japanese pronunciation, mangetsu, means "the full moon." The two kanji in mangetsu also have the individual meanings of "fulfilled" and "monthly," reflecting what will be a monthly appearance of each CLAMP Mangette.

According to CLAMP, "Mangettes are a completely brand new experience for us, too, and we're really happy to be working on this. And we're really looking forward to the day when we can bring you this new story from CLAMP, and the day when we can meet our fans face-to-face to hear what you think about Mangettes!"

ETA again:
Dark Horse's director of Asian licensing Michael Gombos told ANN that CLAMP will have complete creative control, which is rare for a serialized title in North America but not for Japan. The simultaneous release will be limited somewhat by the time differences between North America and Asia, but Dark Horse is planning its mangette release date to be roughly the same day as the Japanese serialization's. "That's what we're aiming for," Gombos said. The mangettes will be "perfect bound" and 5 by 7 inches in size.--ANN

Sounds great to me! YAY!
...now we know what they are doing in 2009...will the other series finish up by then? haha. ^_^


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