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Just a reminder that the community's 20th Anniversary fanbook is available for purchase through the end of the year.

If you are new to the community, here's a few informative links. :)
CLAMP's response - 1 & 2

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Tsubaki Nekoi posted this today on the member's board of CLAMP-NET. Very many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] chibiyuuto for sharing this.

インターネットで原稿を集めて、それをまとめてFAN BOOKを




ね! ナナコ!

Translation thx to [livejournal.com profile] starlady38 :
At the tail end of last year, for CLAMP's 20th anniversary celebration, readers from many countries collected manuscripts through the internet and put them together to make and send a fan book.

It's a thick, deluxe-edition book with illustrations and with messages in Japanese from many people who learned it through liking Japanese manga as well as in many countries' individual languages.

Best of all is the large number of countries that participated! We really are happy to hear that our works are read, and furthermore liked, in so many different places.

I don't know whether words of thanks will reach you, everyone, but thank you very much indeed. I think new works will be born after this as well. We'll do our best so that you read them too!

Right! Nanako!

[Translator's Note: I don't understand the last word--I think it's a counter for seven somethings, but I have no idea what. ETA: Nekoi is talking about Nanase Ohkawa per chibiyuuto.]

~Congrats to everyone!
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Our Happy 20th Anniversay •CLAMP• Fan Appreciation Fanbook is now up for purchase.
There is no mark-up and please look at the shipping page for shipping options to your country.

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Happy Holidays CLAMP fans.

Earlier last week, I received confirmation that our Happy 20th Anniversay •CLAMP• Fan Appreciation Fanbook has reached its destination. Both Carl Horn (Editor at Dark Horse Comics) and CLAMP's management were impressed by the quality of our gift.

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Just a quick update~ The Happy 20th Anniversay •CLAMP• Fan Appreciation Fanbook was completed earlier this week. I just have to send it off to a couple people to take one last look before getting it into print. It took about a month longer than expected to get all the final pieces in, but the last things to do shouldn't take much time now. (Pdfs and printed copies will still be available after it gets sent.) Thanks to everyone for their support.

Oh right, Happy Halloween, too!
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Hi all, trying to wrap up our CLAMP Fanbook gift soon, and just have a few unfinished splash pages. We need photos representing the Czech Republic, Ireland, Israel, and Italy. (ETA: Netherlands, anyone???)

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Just a reminder that we are taking short 2-sentence messages to CLAMP for our Fanbook at this post.

Notes: There were a handful of unsigned messages. If you didn't sign your message and want to be acknowledged, please let me know. For the 3 anonymous people who wrote in spanish and who seem to think 2 means more than 2, please shorten your messages.

ETA: If you already submitted fanart or something, please do not submit a message (please delete your comment if you missed this note).
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So you were not able to finish your fanwork in time to participate in the Happy 20th Anniversay •CLAMP• Fan Appreciation Fanbook???? It's not too late!

Read more on how to submit something to the Shout-out Page )
Update: 95 comments so far (updated 9/1) Messages still welcome until we hit 100! no more comments needed. thanks all!

*Don't forget to sign the comment if you want your name credited. I am not going to add your lj name or hunt down your name afterwards.
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To all the Canadian submitters,

If you have emailed me a submission but not heard back from me, please send me a Private message on LJ. For those of you who are going to submit, please PM me when you email your submission. There have been a few issues with my email, and one submission was nearly lost because of it. As I would like to not miss anyone, your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.


[profile] crys_tenkari 

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Just a reminder that you have a few hours (depending on where you live) left to submit your fanwork to your country's editor. Your editor has the choice of what time he/she will accept final submissions, so email them if you think you will be late. July 25th is the last day to participate in this project.

Thanks all.

ETA: Again (posting this for the umpteenth time), even if you did not comment on the original project post, you can still submit your work as long as it is on time and according to the guidelines. Soooo pick out your best work and participate!
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I just recently saw some questions that I had to answer late.
If you have any questions regarding the CLAMP fanbook submission process, comment in this post.
If it is something in regards to your fanwork, please go ahead and submit it to me directly [seichan80 at gmail dot com with the subject heading "CLAMP FANBOOK - Your country"].

Please check out the links in the sidebar for the regular guidelines.

*Reminder: Do not type a website url on your submission. This is not a book to advertise anything.
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Just a quick reminder that you have about a week left to submit your CLAMP fanwork gift to the editors. Thanks!

And a quickie mention..
Parismatch.com has an article on CLAMP's trip to Paris. The article's photo is nice.

ETA: NT 8's Kobato x Wish article with Nanase Ohkawa and a new Wish illustration was posted over at chibiyuuto's.
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Hi everyone,
Our very helpful editors updated me on the status of submissions, and it's slightly slow. We are expecting about 500 people to participate with 2 fanworks or letters each. I expect many of you are waiting until next week, or finishing up some last minute details. The final day to submit your work is July 25th.

Also, a clarification -- Anyone can submit their work. Even if they have just heard about the project today. Please read the guidelines and find your country's editor. Then pick out your best fanwork or write a letter to CLAMP. And finally, email your work to the editor. (Useful links are in the community's sidebar)

Thanks to everyone for their support and participation.

If you are having trouble meeting the deadline, let me know by commenting or emailing your country's editor. I'd like as many people to be included as possible for the very best book, so we may try to accommodate you. This does not mean that late submissions will be accepted, but I'd like to know if there are any people in this situation.
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It's almost submission time for our
Happy 20th Anniversay •CLAMP• Fan Appreciation Fanbook.
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It's getting closer to the deadline, so it's time to raise more support for the production of our Happy 20th Anniversay •CLAMP• Fan Appreciation Fanbook.

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*We have about a month left until we start accepting submission for our Fanbook.
cardcaptorkiki, and crys_tenkari extended their deadlines for contributions. Please visit their posts on how to help. We are about halfway to our goal and I will be accepting larger Paypal contributions in about a week.

*Calling all fanbook participants from these countries:
Czech Republic, Finland, Estonia, Guyana, Israel, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Romania, Sweden, Vietnam
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*Other Reminders:
Guidelines and random issues
Submission Deadline: July 11 to July 25th
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Happy 20th Anniversary
Appreciation Fanbook Project

There were a few questions that came up over the last few weeks, so please take a look at this post for answers, clarification, and for some sample mock pages.
Many thanks to the members who submitted some samples of their work!
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