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Nakayoshi February 2017 issue (release date: december 29th) in which is published the 8th chapter of the new Clear Cards arc of CCS, included as an appendix something that many of you must know about since it's been very popular lately: colouring for adults. Well, not sure about the 'adults' part since this is a manga drawing gifted in a teenager magazine hahaha~
They also included 7 pens.

The illustration is actually the full version of the cover of the January 2017 issue of Nakayoshi:

It's really nice to see the full version of the artwork, even in black and white, since the Nakayoshi's covers are always full of texts and pics, so appreciating CLAMP's artworks underneath it all is complicated to say the least ^^;
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Pardon the random bit of kpop, but check out BTS's newest youtube video for Halloween and you'll see that kpop boys love CLAMP's CCS, too.

If you doubt their love, check out Taehyung singing the Korean CCS anime opening. <3

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I usually don't make posts about this, but in this particular occasion, CLAMP specifically changed their twitter account picture: the icon has been changed to Sakura from the "Card Captor Sakura Clear Card Edition". [tweet]

So we went from this: (post for Sakura's bday in April)

to this: (star of Clear Card arc)

How very fitting! :D
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Hello! My friend and I went to the Cardcaptor Sakura x Animate cafe in Tenjin, Fukuoka last April 30 and it was really awesome! It was so good and it was really worth the time and effort to go. I cannot recommend this cafe enough, especially for all the CCS fans!

The previous review post's cafe is actually the same cafe I went to, so I'll try to spare your eyes and cut down on the pictures, lol. (click on the pictures for the full size!)


At the cafe! (Picture heavy) )

And that's my experience in the Cardcaptor Sakura cafe! Hopefully I will be able to go to the Osaka leg in the summer.
Just a reminder that if you want to go to the CCS cafe, you have to make a prior reservation via eplus (past post by our [livejournal.com profile] cutesherry here). If you have any questions regarding the reservation process, I can try and answer them the best I can. :)

Mods, please let me know if I made a mistake in tagging and I'll fix them!
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Here goes a great youtube video, showing you everything that there is to be seen about the CCS Cafe!

I personally quite like the "The guest" clow card photo boot (sounds simple, but you had to think about that!) + magic circle in front which allow you to do more poses alone, or/and with a friend if you want to.
The food look exactly like it did in the photos!
Menus with the outward appearance of a Clow Book...of course! :D
Goods, and not only the limited and exclusive merchandise made especially for this Cafe, there seems to be all the mangas books too, and the newly released little pink and green bears too (also sold by Animate), etc..
The whole thing is really looking great! <3
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Yes, it's already April 1st in Japan: Happy Birthday Sakura!

If you go to the ccs newly opened official webpage, you will be welcomed by this window with a delicious cake and even a birthday song!

And this is only the start of the day, I hope we will see and learn much more on this very special April 1st, on CCS 20th anniversary.
I remind you that today, the stamps will be sold in Japan Post and the CCS themed Cafe will also open ^_^
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All the "today's card" shown off from July 18th until today, August 5th:

This whole cards collection seems to be covering only the 1st season, at least from what I can see. This is disappointing. The goodies of all types released until now are very much like this too. I sincerely do not understand why only the first part of CCS is taken into account....
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I thought this would be cute to share for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. There was an article on Anime News Network of a fanmade 3D video of the first Cardcaptor Sakura opening.

Fan Recreates Card Captor Sakura Opening in 3D

Cut for videos. )

Meanwhile, I'm going to sit in a corner and wish for the U.S. to get an eventual re-release on Blu-ray. I hope the sales from the first movie (after it's been released) will be able to help Discotek Media acquire the series.
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No idea what this is about, if someone knows for what/to whom this signed artwork is for, please do post about it.
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(I haven't seen anyone post about this yet so I thought I would share, and perhaps get some answers in the process, as well.

Clicking on links will open up a new window.)

Does anyone have any additional information about FuRyu's release of a new Cardcaptor Sakura figure? This particular blogger doesn't appear to have much information aside from the greyscale model but after doing a little more Googling, here's what I've found so far.

Release date: April, 2014
Figure type: Game Prize
Material: ABS, PVC
Height: 190 mm // 7.5 in
Manufacturer: FuRyu
Manufacturer Price: 1575 ¥

I would really love to see what she looks like fully painted. In my opinion, a really sloppy paint job can ruin a perfectly good figurine. Sadly, she's in her "Catch You Catch Me" outfit that's overly used, but nonetheless--It IS our beloved Sakura! And any new figure of Sakura is better than nothing!

Does anyone else have any additional information about this release? (I'm also still holding my breath for this supposed CCS Nendoroid, as well.) If so, please share!

Also, I would love to get my hands on this whenever it becomes available. Does anyone know of any reliable websites where it can be purchased (with international shipping and without costing an arm and a leg)? Though I fear she will be highly sought out and priced way beyond what I would like to pay. Is it even possible to purchase one since it's intended to be a UFO prize, or is it only possible to obtain one through a personal seller? Sellers on eBay are already putting up pre-orders for her at nearly $40-$50 plus shipping, but I would rather buy from a much more reliable source.

Any help would be appreciated!
Please and thank you in advance!


  • Pre-order still available at AmiAmi!
  • Pre-orers also available at BigPfeiffer Collectibles! Thanks for the head's up, [livejournal.com profile] aumi555!
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    Since the community consists of an immense gathering of CLAMP fans, I figured this would be best asked here without going against any rules :)

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me exactly where this image of CCS-universe Sakura/Syaoran appeared in terms of print (Unless it was originally in digital format only):

    Behind the cut )

    I keep feeling as if I actually own a piece of merchandise that includes this drawing (Although I don't believe it is found in any of the illustration artbooks...or was it a furoku of some sort?), but it has been a long while since I revisited the series, so I'm definitely suffering from the inability to place this image's origin! Thank you in advance for anyone who has the answer :)
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    There was a feature on the top 26 animation in the latest edition of Animedia (July)

    - Card Captor Sakura was vote 8th!!
    - Syaoran was voted 8th favourite male character.
    - Sakura was voted 5th favourite female character.
    - Kero was vote 3rd favourite mascot!

    Other CLAMP works mentioned were:
    - Tsubasa Chronicles in 23rd place
    - xxxHOLiC in 25th place.

    Other CLAMP characters mentioned were:
    - Syaoran (Tsubasa version) is in 22nd place
    - Sakura (Tsubasa version) is in 6th place
    - Yuuko (xxxHOLiC) is in 16th place
    - Mokona (Tsubasa) was vote 2nd favourite mascot!!

    All the top ten anime had a 2 page spread to celebrate their win so CCS has a new anime picture and a postcard!! And I have scanned them! XD Sakura and Syaoran look so so cute~

    So cute~~ )

    I have also scanned the textless phonecard picture of the CLAMP drawn Code Geass Newtype July cover. The original image was quite small but I scanned it to the largest and clearest resolution I could. ^^ [personal profile] focaccina [profile] was kind enough to fix up the image I scanned. So here I have included both my original scan and the fixed version.

    Feel free to share these but it would be nice if you credited me if you reposted or used these scans. Thanks! ^^


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