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 photo CyQm0gUUQAEn6WR.jpg

The cover of the first tankouban is above. It will be released December 2nd.

And close-up of the limited edition extras.

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The upcoming January issue of Nakayoshi magazine will announce that the “new anime project” for Card Captor Sakura is a new TV Series of Clear Card arc to be premiered in January 2018 with similar cast and staff as the original Anime!

The TV Series will be produced by Madhouse and directed by Morio Asaka — same animation studio and director as the original anime! No word yet on whether CLAMP’s Nanase Ohkawa will be writing scripts for it, but let’s hope so!

Moreover, the cast for Sakura, Kero, Syaoran, Yukito and Touya is the same as the original TV Anime as well!:

The TV Series is to be aired on NHK channel.

SOURCE: chibiyuuto blog

Well, that's what I call good news, and first thing in the morning at that (well, for me)!!! :D
They pretty much gave us all we wanted: MADHOUSE, the same seiyuus and even the same director! I will let you imagine how difficult it is to meet all this conditions all at once, considering that the previous series ended 16 years ago!!
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🌟 Card Captor Sakura Christmas Party in HARAJUKU 🌟

The above picture is the paper mat given as a benefit with the ticket

Here goes one more events to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Card Captor Sakura! It will be held at the AREA-Q of the Tokyo queue Plaza Harajuku for a limited time: from December 2d, and will last until December 25th.

This time, it's a cafe which has as a theme: "Sakura 's Christmas party". In the menu: a Christmas plate with a cookie that looks like Kero, and  many different drinks at the image of the characters and the cards: there are 10 drinks in total, 6 at the image of characters (Sakura, Kero, Syaoran, Tomoyo, Touya and Yukito) and 4 at the image of Clow Cards (The Fly, The Flower, The Mirror, The Light and The Dark together). As a bonus with the drinks: original coasters are included.

Needless to say, the store will have Christmas decorations: screening of images on a big screen monitor, exhibition of original contents, screening of images that can only be seen at "Card Captor Sakura Christmas Party in HARAJUKU" to celebrate the 20th anniversary of serialization, looking back on the history since the series started, and more.
Also, during the event's period, Kero (meaning a big mascot) will also come and visit the store. Of course, original goods will be sold, and after the event, it will be possible to get them through mail order.

Tickets will be on sale on the official website of the cafe starting from November 11th, today. Visitor benefits such as hoods, luncheon mats and original novelty goods are included in the tickets. Check the reservation method and future information on the official website of the Cafe and Twitter.

The above pictures are the sticker (left) and the bookmarks (there are 2 types, given randomly)

Card Captor Sakura Christmas Party in HARAJUKU

Period: December 2d, 2016 to 25th (Sunday)
Venue: AREA-Q
Price: 2700 yen > ★ In addition to admission fee, the ticket charge includes: food (original Christmas plate = the plate with the Kero cookie you can see above), sticker, bookmark and paper luncheon mat. All seats will be designated.

Twitter account dedicated to this xmas event: https://twitter.com/ccsakura_CP
Website with all the details you need about this xmas event: http://www.areaq.jp/ccsakura/

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A new website dedicated to this was created, you can see the link bellow:

link: http://ccsakura-official.com/revival/

The movie 1 of Card Captor Sakura will be screened in 9 movie theaters across the nation this next January 2017, on the 21st.
The fans will be able to purchase the tickets in advance, but such service did not start yet though.


Two of the movie theaters are in the prefecture of Tokyo (Shinjuku and Ikibukuro), two are in Osaka (Umeda and Namba), there is one in Kyoto, one in Kanagawa (Kawasaki), then we have one more in Hokkaido (Sapporo), one in Aichi (Nagoya) and finally, one in Fukuoka.
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 photo ccsccv1.jpg

From the inside of next month's Nakayoshi, there is an ad for the first volume of Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card out in December. The new illustration seems most likely to be the cover of volume 1 and the limited edition goods are also featured.

Below is the cover of next week's Nakayoshi which features Sakura on the cover again.

 photo 2016-12 nakayoshi.jpg
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For the ones who are not aware of it, the first volume of the new series of CCS : Clear Cards arc, is scheduled to be released on December 2nd, 2016 in Japan.

There is going to be a normal edition and a special limited one, the later will come with a “mangaka set” featuring watercolor pencils, a comic pen shaped like the sealing wand, a tracing board shaped like a Clow card and more...which is all nice and good, but as you can in the newly revealed ad bellow, the price was revealed, and the special edition cost 2280jpy+tax (meaning 2462jpy), which is a LOT! D:

If you are not used to purchase japanese books, if I were to make a comparison, 2500jpy would be comfortably the price of a full fledge big A4 artbook with more than a hundred colored illustrations printed on glossy smooth paper, and mind you: I said 'comfortably the price of...'... but in this case, while it is indeed great that we got a mangaka set, as far as we know, the book itself is the regular edition: normal book with ~180pages, all in black and white and nothing out of the ordinary...

Available for pre-order at Animate online store (japan residents only): 【コミック】カードキャプターさくら クリアカード編(1) カードキャプターさくら 特製まんが家セット付き特装版
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Well, the subject of this post almost says it all: there is a 'CCS Limited Shop' which, as its name says, will be open for a limited time: from today, September 16th until October 4th at the Tokyo Shinjuku Marui Annex.

There will be CCS goods sold there, including pre-release and new products.
There is also an Exhibition Corner, showing off cell images and character panel of the anime "Card Captor Sakura".

In addition, the Lolita clothing brand "BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT" in sales in the 7th floor in the over-the-counter, will be responsible for the exhibition of the collaboration dress (I believe it's the Sakura pink Lolita dress that was revealed recently, which is a replica of the ilustration of the 2016 artbook cover).

There will  be a lottery: the customers who spend more than 2160jpy will be able to participate, the prizes are:
A賞 ミニスタンディ  (全5種) ※1点お選びいただけます。  - mini Stan di (all five) ※ 1 point you can choose.
B賞 ブロマイドセット (3種1組)  - bromide set (three one set)
C賞 ポストカード  - Post Card

And finally, there will also be a Magic Photo shoot corner for the fans to take pictures: (from the looks of it, they put accessories on the side *wand, Kero*, that's a nice touch ^_^)


新宿マルイアネックス 7F イベントスペース ONE Labo

11:00~21:00 日曜祝日は11:00~20:30

※ 最終日は19:00までの営業とさせていただきます。

[Holding period]
September 16th, 2016 (Friday) to October 4th (Tuesday)

Shinjuku Marui Annex 7F event space ONE Labo

【business hours】
11:00 to 21:00 Sundays and public holidays 11:00 to 20:30

※ 19 · 22 days of public holiday because of Marco and Maruo of 7 days 21: 00 will be operating with is up to.
last day it will be considered as open until 19:00.

[Source: https://www.0101.co.jp/005/store-info/fair.html?article_id=1463]
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With an average of 35 pages per chapter, it is no surprise that we are getting to the end of a volume (which will have around 180 pages - 5 chapters), and they waited no time between the last chapter (ch05 will be published in the nakayoshi early october) and the release of the first volume, which is great ^_^

And so! Volume 1 of CCS CC will be released on December 2nd, 2016.
There is no further information, so far, as to if there will be different editions (normal and special?), any bonuses, the price, or how it will look like.


And here is also further info about the CCS Memorial box, scheduled to be released on October 3rd:

This new ad page shows us the apperance of the Kero plushy and also 2 pages of the calendar, but it makes no sens to say these are artworks that were never printed before though: both pics are 'old', so I personally assume, and hope, that it's only a temporary sample and not the final thing:

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From this weekend's Wonder Festival 2016, GoodSmile Company announced many new figures this afternoon on twitter including two upcoming CCS Syaoran figures, Nendoroid and figma.

Update: The Syaoran Nendoroid figure was due to the 10th Anniversay survey where he came in at #1. Survey Results here. [link thx to [livejournal.com profile] cutesherry]
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To commemorate the release of the "Clear Card Edition" new CCS manga, a big costumed Kero appeared in Tokyo's Kinokuniya Seibu Shibuya on July 2nd.

This costume was produced in accordance with the new work. It's not its first appearance thogh: he was seen first in the 2016 Tokyo Toy Show, which was held in June. People who got the ticket enjoyed a two-shot shooting of Kero-chan.

This event on July 2d coincided with the release of the August issue of Nakayoshi, which contained the 2d chapter of Card Captor Sakura clear card Edition That issue came with memos with illustrations drawn by CLAMP.

Read more... )

Nakayoshi July issue of the series was the start of the "Card Captor Sakura clear card Edition", and it was nearly sold out after only one week.

Ms. Ikuko Nakazato (the editor-in-chief), in response to this:  "I have to apologize for any inconvenience to a lot of readers. I want to re-read the legendary masterpiece "Card Captor Sakura"! This new series is a dream come true for the readers and the editorial department, the "ultimate excitement", and it started by getting sold out, which made us look forward even more to the future of Sakura project! A lot of readers did not have the opportunity to get the issue, I am feeling really sorry. When a strong new series and a strong appendix are combined, that makes them even stronger!"
It was a big surprise for everyone, even in the editorial department of Nakayoshi.

[I used an online translator for this, and modified quite a bit to make it understandable].

[source: natalie]

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The Nakayoshi 08 was barely released today, but we are already looking forward the next one being released on August 2d ^^;

The 09 issue will include a Kero Spray Pen. It comes also with 4 pens: you put a color pen inside the spray pen, and then you only need to press Kero and you will get splashes of colors on paper~

It was also confirmed that the 3rd chapter will also include a color page ^__^
In the 90's manga, every single chapter got a color page! And it looks like it's the same now: having a new CCS illustration by CLAMP every month is such a luxury!

なかよし9月号(8月3日発売)の第3話もカラー付きで掲載予定! そして
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 photo ccsn1.jpg

...is available at the Cardcaptor Sakura website here (click on Vol. 1)

Translation here.
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Thanks to the new website, we also got info about the next issue of Nakayoshi and more precisely, CCS CC 2nd chapter of course ;)


なかよし8月号(7月2日発売)の第2話もカラー付きで掲載予定! かわいい☆CLAMP特別描きおろしのミニキャライラストが載っている「カードキャプターさくら カードメモ」ふろくも登場予定! お楽しみに!

ONLINE TRANSLATION - commemorative planning of series start 20 anniversary!

★ the 2nd chapter of the new series will get a special appendix
The second chapter of Nakayoshi's August issue (July 2 release) will be published with color! Cute ☆ CLAMP special draw down "Card Captor Sakura Card memo" Minichara illustrations is on the Appendix will also appear soon! Look forward to it!

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This is not just any update, I believe that what we've seen until now was nothing but the shell of a website (or even less than that...), and that it was finally opened today, there is a BIG difference so go check it out!!


There are now (quick summary):

-NEWS: the obvious > all the latest news concerning CCS!
-MANGA: with the listing of all the covers
-ANIME: with short summaries and screenshots of all 72 episodes, organized by season + the 2 movies. I suspect it will be updated again when the new anime is aired, or at least when more info about it will be released
-GOODS: [closed at the moment]
-EVENT: events in CCS world > for the moment, mostly the Animate Cafe thing
-SPECIAL: Card Captor Sakura Newspaper

> Link: http://ccsakura-official.com/special/paper.html

There isn't enough information for me to be able to tell what this "newspaper" is, the feeling I got is that this will simply be a special page in the official webpage.
The first issue would be distributed at the Tokyo Toy Show 2016 : the Takara Tomy booth > more info about it here
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 photo 2016-07 nakayoshi7.jpg

Nakayoshi #7 is out this week and contains the return of CLAMP's Cardcaptor Sakura manga. The story continues with Sakura in her first year of junior high and the 'Clear Card' arc.

The painted prototype of Good Smile's Cardcaptor Sakura figurine will be on display for the first time at this year's Anime Expo in Los Angeles this July.
[Good Smile for more info]

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So, first thing first, a short definition for the people not familiar with PURIKURA: simple, in Japan, pruikura is the shortened form of "print club" in Japanese, refers to photo sticker booths that print out stickers of photo portraits set against backgrounds and frames selected by the user.
 = it's a photo booth

In commemoration of the new work that will begin in the July issue (June 3 release) of Nakayoshi, "Card Captor Sakura" print sealing machine come into play!

These installations will be made for a very limited time: from June 3rd (the day the first chapter of CCS will be released) until June 15th, that's it.
The cost: 500jpy.
Total of prints you can choose from: 5.

source: nakayoshi

Even though there is a new illustration, something I always welcome, I was still a bit disappointed to see, once again, a young Sakura in her childhood days from the 90's series and not her teenager self, since this is actually made to celebrate the new manga...that was until I realized there was indeed something "special" about it: this is the first, as far as I can remember, that CLAMP drew both Sealing Key and Star Key in one drawing, this association is logically unheard of since when the Star Key was created, the Sealing one ceased to exist...
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I already made another post with some pages, but here goes a few more preview pictures.
Nonetheless, I will not be posting anymore even if I see more of them: the full chapter will definitely be available online in the next few days, so I think this is more than enough already ^^; (though, in my case, I will be patient and wait until I get my own copy of the magazine next week...well, I'll try not to spoil myself!)

It seems like this page in particular might be some sort of like the opening of this new arc, it says "When all cards are aligned, that's not the ending, that is the beginning of the ending".
I personally take this as CLAMP annoucement that this is truly THE END, and that we won't ever see more CCS beyond this manga in the future, this is the final ending.
Most fans of CLAMP always ask for it: to end their series, but for this one particular case of CCS, I felt my heart drop when I saw this sentence...

“Yeah, I’m also happy.”
“U-Um, thanks for coming back home with me. You’re staying on that mansion again, right? Even though it’s the other way…”

“I just wanted to be with you a little longer.”

Syaoran gives back the teddy bear to Sakura and tells her it might be missing her after being apart from her for long. He suggest to exchange their teddy bears for a while (why...? @_@ don't freak me out from the first chapter, Syaoran!)

I do not know what this wing accessory is (a gift from Syaoran?), but she put it inside the jewellery box together with her Star Key.


Now, let's talk about something real important : we got the name of the third arc of Card Captor Sakura > After the Clow Cards arc (vol01-06) and the Sakura Cards arc (vol07-12), we are not celebrating the beginning of the Clear Cards arc.
This is only an opinion of mine: but it looks like we might surprisingly get 6 volumes, that is, IF Clamp continue the trend of 6 books per arc, which doesn't feel like such a far fetched idea actually. Especially if this is the "ultimate ending" that will conclude forever their most popular series, which made them known worldwide.


These are 2 pictures released previously: I thought that the cards being blank was only to emphasis Sakura, or because the drawing would be too 'heavy' with so many cards with such an intricate design, but no, it seems like this was about this "Clear Card" arc after all!

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Wow, the BEST CASE SCENARIO is happening people: it starts from the SxS hug in the last page, just how lucky are we??!!


They actually all look younger than I imagined ^_^
Syaoran is hhheerrrreee!! :D
Sakura got a smartphone hahaha~
the last page with the dream thing really reminded me of TRC.

I've got only one thing to say: CLAMP, please milk me of all my money > I volunteer to ruin myself buying an infinite number of volumes of CCS, so keep releasing them!!
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Yes!!! Because a new manga is definitely not enough, OF COURSE, we would also get a new anime that goes with it  XD
I am SO SO SO happy about this!! Of course, I don't expect it to be aired until 2017 best case scenario (after all, they need material to rely on to make an anime, and for the time being, chapter 01 hasn't even been released...), nonetheless, it means new episodes, seeing my favorite characters animated again, tons of new anime illustrations in magazines, artbooks, new songs, possible OVA/movies, tons of goods (ugh, wait, that one is scary, damn, more money to spend...)

> Apart from carrying the first chapter of the new Card Captor Sakura serialization, the upcoming issue of Nakayoshi magazine is also announcing that a “new anime project” is in the works!


And here goes a preview of the splash page of chapter01, scheduled to be released on June 3rd: the illustration is very pretty, but Sakura looks too young in it.

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Edited to add: another sneak peek...
 photo 2016-04 ccspk.jpg

 photo 2016-04 ccsnw.jpg

Cardcaptor Sakura will pick up in July's Nakayoshi out June 3rd. Sakura will be in her first year of junior high.



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