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xxxHOLiC fans from Kyoto Shiki...looks like they are sold out already.

CCS hairpins and bracelets from Aerl....

..and Sakura book for preorder.

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 photo CCsakura_banner730_01.png

The jewelry and accessory company, wargo nippon, now has a line of Cardcaptor Sakura accessories. They previously released xxxHOLiC-themed items of which a few are still available on the website. Check out their website for more information.
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For the ones of you are not following, or simply forgot, we got 3 new releases today, december 2d, in Japan:
-Card Captor Sakura Clear Cards arc volume 1: regular and special editions
-Tsubasa Illustration Chronicle
-Tsubasa Caracter Chronicle

All 3 are of the exact same dimensions as you can see, which is a disappointement for the artbook...

Where to order them? (for international fans)

Card Captor Sakura CC arc vol01

Regular Edition: CD Japan | Amazon Japan
Special Edition: CD Japan | Amazon Japan

CD Japan:

Amazon Japan:

Today, Animate announced the releases, on April 22d, 2017, of these 4 deadly adorable pink and green Sakura and Syaoran bears: the little 12cm version of Sakura and Syaoran for 1080jpy each (which is actually a re-release, their first release was in April 2016), and two 30cm Sakura and Syaoran bears for 4104jpy each, those are new. We can argue though, that similar bears (but slightly smaller, and not exactly the same appearance) were once prizes in the CCS Animate Lottery.

The pre-orders already started, and ends on December 18th, 2016. Careful though, their stocks are limited, so the pre-orders might end before that date.

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The whole set of stickers is sold for 240jpy (1.99usd) and can be used in the LINE app.
Unfortunately, this seems to be reserved to Japan only. It's interesting to see there are many others anime/manga stickers sets available worldwide though. But as far as I know, not many people use LINE to communicate outside of Asia...?
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Sakura's Fortune Magic ichiban kuji started today, November 12d, in Japan.

From the first look at the auctions on yahoo.co.jp auctions, the most expensive items are as expected: prize H (a collection of 9 rubber straps) and the Special Prize (illustration). Everything else can be purchased at a decent cost, without ruining yourself ^^

Here are all the countdown little images which has been uploaded on the official website of the lottery during this past month: 1 month left, 3-2-1 weeks left, 5-4-3-2-1 days left, for a total of 9 pictures which features all 9 chibis drawn by CLAMP for this event.

And then we got D-Day! :D

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A new little countdown picture was uploaded: there is 3 weeks left until the lottery.

Here goes also 2 photos of the items, I like these kind of pictures which are not necessarily well taken or pretty, but gives a more realistic feel to the goods compared to the perfectly edited and gorgeous ones on the website. It's good to see the proportions between the items too.

It wasn't posted on the website, but here you can see the back of the enveloppe which contain the illustration: all the chibis appear on it.
So if you are not interested in the lottery's awards, and are just a fan of CLAMP/CCS who want to collect their artworks, you can pretty much limit yourself to purchasing this one award.

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link: http://sn.bpnavi.jp/sakura5/

FINALLY  updated!!! These past couple of weeks were quite surprising for me, since I was expecting to get news about this Ichiban Kuji way before now, but it seems like this was calculated on their part: they updated exactly one month before the lottery will take place (november 12th) and we even got a countdown-like picture made for it (they did the same for the pervious lottery too):



As you can see on the listing bellow, there is plenty of new artworks by CLAMP starting, of course, with the new illustration (the special prize) featuring Sakura and Yue, and then 9 new chibis: 3 Sakura, 1 Tomoyo, 1 Syaoran, 1 Kero, 1 Spinel, 1 Yue, 1 Eriol (so rare!) and even 1 Ruby Moon! Their are all wearing newly designed magic themed clothes ^__^

Prizes line up:

I unfortunately don't know what this last thing is about, but I am putting it here anyway:

And here, I naively thought this time around I wouldn't ruin myself for an ichiban kuji, it's once again a lost case ;___;
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There's a new line of xxxHOLiC-themed 'Line app stickers'. I think you need to download the app to get the sticker, but the preview image has some cute pictures.

And be sure you are following Nekoi Tsubasa on twitter as she is posting a few Halloween-themed illustrations this month.

And of course follow CLAMP's twitter account to see the numerous High & Low movie fanart.

And there's a bunch of new CCS products at Animate including hand cream, water bottles and bento box items.
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It was released 2 days ago and I did pre-order it, nonetheless, it was pre-ordered with other items which will be released later this year (to save on shipping cost, I try to group together my items as often as possible...) so you will not be getting scans of photos from me anytime soon, sorry ;__;

Still, these are some pics I found online so far:

The 2 sided calendar have 6 cards which are made of heavy cardstock, and at the bottom on the pics, you can see a cutting line: the calendar part can be cleanly removed afterward, and you will be left only with the illustrations! ^_^ (it's little details like these that make the difference!)

As for the choice of artworks, I don't know how the whole thing looks like, but it's quite obvious that they chose to print and publish the 2013 moblie game illustrations. I suspect the other months are probably the same. (I also saw a comment on amazon.co.jp of a fan reviewing that the october month has a Halloween themed picture, which is also one of the 2013 mobile game pics)

EDIT [oct 7th]: big BIG thanks to both [livejournal.com profile] himitsuru and [livejournal.com profile] sayorannguyen for posting so many interesting links and sharing great pics of this item!! Please chech their comments to see it all, I am only posting a few images out of the lot here:

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All these clothing collaborations this year will cover all your cosplaying needs. Check out Secret Honey's website for more on the above CCS school outfit and CCS clow card dress to be released Oct 24th.
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 photo sn_00000019.jpg

The Cardcaptor Sakura website has updated with a sample image of the 20th Anniversary Memorial box. Please see prior posts for content information. It will be released in October.

The homepage also has a splash for Tomoyo's Birthday.
 photo sp_tomoyo_birthday_base.jpg
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Baby, The Stars Shine Bright has revealed their Cardcaptor Sakura 20th Anniversary-inspired dress for your cosplaying needs.

 photo ccsakura_img_sample.jpg

Click here for preorders and pricing.
The complete outfit will be 63,720 yen.
It will be available April 2017, but you must preorder it beforehand.

CLAMP's original illustration below.
 photo ccsakura_img.jpg
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People, you can start sheding bloody tears now....uurrrhhhhh....no, I mean, the cover of the CCS 2017 calendar (anime version) scheduled for release early october, was revealed....

....and it's an old artwork again...

Experience from the past few years has shown that when the cover is an old picture, the whole thing is...I am more disappointed this year compared to the previous ones, because I had high expectations due to CCS's 20th anniversary, the new manga and the annoucement of a new anime.

Nonetheless, it's still a very big A2 sized calendar with 7 pages of glossy paper and well printed anime artworks, and which potentially never made it in the artbooks! :)

I remind you that this calendar can be pre-ordered from pretty much everywhere for international fans: CDJapan, Amiami etc...
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The product was listed today in amiami (right HERE) and these are the details they put about it:


[Set Contents]
-Card-shaped calendar
-B6 booklet


Author: CLAMP

(1) Special clear sleeve designed with new illustration by CLAMP
(2) "Special 1/1 Kero-chan plush" made based on (1) illustration
(3) "Nakayoshi furoku-fuu birei calendar" including 5 illustrations that are published as a book for the first time
(4) "Special booklet" (16 pages) including bangai hen manga.

*Manga work included in the booklet is a rerecording of short stories that were included in 1998 released "Cardcaptor Sakura illustration collection".


So yes, it's now 100% confirmed that we are getting the oneshot from the 90's artbook...
It's interesting to see they are using yet again a clear sleeve, like they did for the artbook and the special edition of vol09.
It's also a surprinsingly nice touch of them to take the pain to make a Kero plushy which looks like the artwork of the memorial box: they could have just put a random plush toy version of Kero ^^;
As for the calendar's illustrations, it feels like they are going to use the latest pictures released these past few month in the Nakayoshi, which is not bad really: they are all quite nice and having a textless and well printed version is good ^_^
I'm not sure what to feel about the "card shaped" calendar though: I hope they are not talking about the dimensions, because it means it's going to be quite little ^^;

EDIT: also available for pre-order at CDJAPAN and AMAZON.CO.JP

EDIT [08/23]:

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Yep, it's already that time of the year: the time when the new calendars are slowly being revealed!
Just like the previous years, there is going to be a 2017 CCS Calendar (anime version):

Dimensions: A2 (59.4X42cm)
7 pages
Price: 1728 jpy
Release date: early october 2016

The last few calendars were all made of old artworks from the 90's anime...
There is no information, as of now, about whether we are going to get new illustrations this year (please! at last!) or if they are going to recycle old ones again...
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 photo 2016-08ccsmem.jpg

Another piece of merchandise for the CCS fans is coming out in the form of a Memorial box.

It will contain:

  • Nakayoshi Cardcaptor Sakura Calendar (with 5 previously unpublished illustrations)

  • Sakura and Touya Childhood Memories comic side-story (16P)

  • 1/1 scale Kero plush

  • And featuring a new illustration by CLAMP on the box (in the above ad)

On sale October 3rd for 3600 yen!
[CCS website info]
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How awesome it is to get a dedicated video for this gorgeous figure? :)
The video features narration by voice actor Sakura Tange!

You can watch the eng subtitled version on GSC fb account.
The one bellow is the japanese version available on youtube:

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Amazon.jp has the limited edition of xxxHOLiC Rei Volume 4 up for preorder. The limited edition will come with the 2005 Blu-ray edition of the 2005 xxxHOLiC animated movie.
The release date is October 6, 2016.

Tsubasa World Chronicle Volume 3 will be out August 17th. (the original date was July, but got pushed back..I'm not sure if the new release date got posted here.). The limited edition will come with a PlayButton audio drama. Amazon.jp link

And if you were curious about the new interactive CCS wand and cards, a video of how they work was posted on twitter.

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And more WonFes figure news.

Hobby Max has announced a CCS Yue figure.
 photo 2016-07 yue.jpg

I didn't mention this before, but there will also be MKR's Umi and Fuu figmas to go along with the Hikaru figure that is now available for preorder.

And this new Code Geass: Lelouch Code Black 1st Live ver. figure looks pretty cool, too.

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From this weekend's Wonder Festival 2016, GoodSmile Company announced many new figures this afternoon on twitter including two upcoming CCS Syaoran figures, Nendoroid and figma.

Update: The Syaoran Nendoroid figure was due to the 10th Anniversay survey where he came in at #1. Survey Results here. [link thx to [livejournal.com profile] cutesherry]


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