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The interview is about CLAMP's use of Cybozu Live while they work. There's also an interesting interview between Cybozu and Nanase Ohkawa here. Nanase Ohkawa discusses the meaning of being 'different' and 'normal' with CCS in mind.

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Well, it's not 'new': they already announced it in the first chapter of the Clear Card Arc (released in june 2016, it was written on the 2 pages color spread), but it's nice to know they are not forgetting about it (we didn't hear a single word about it these past 5 months...) and that the plans are still steadily going forward!

source: crunchyroll
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A new website dedicated to this was created, you can see the link bellow:

link: http://ccsakura-official.com/revival/

The movie 1 of Card Captor Sakura will be screened in 9 movie theaters across the nation this next January 2017, on the 21st.
The fans will be able to purchase the tickets in advance, but such service did not start yet though.


Two of the movie theaters are in the prefecture of Tokyo (Shinjuku and Ikibukuro), two are in Osaka (Umeda and Namba), there is one in Kyoto, one in Kanagawa (Kawasaki), then we have one more in Hokkaido (Sapporo), one in Aichi (Nagoya) and finally, one in Fukuoka.
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For the one of you who missed them, or simply do not follow really closely the news on clamp's twitter account, here goes the illustrations by Nekoi which were released during the month of october, Halloween themes artworks. They are pretty big sized, I even used the Mokona one as a wallpaper for a while this month ^^
[click on thumbnails to enlarge]

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Pardon the random bit of kpop, but check out BTS's newest youtube video for Halloween and you'll see that kpop boys love CLAMP's CCS, too.

If you doubt their love, check out Taehyung singing the Korean CCS anime opening. <3

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 photo ccsccv1.jpg

From the inside of next month's Nakayoshi, there is an ad for the first volume of Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card out in December. The new illustration seems most likely to be the cover of volume 1 and the limited edition goods are also featured.

Below is the cover of next week's Nakayoshi which features Sakura on the cover again.

 photo 2016-12 nakayoshi.jpg
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For the ones of you interested in pre-ordering them, here are the links to all 3 books of Tsubasa and also the special edition of vol01 of CCS CC, they are all scheduled to be released this december.
These links are to purchase them on amazon japan, which you can view and navigate in english and sends the books worldwide for a decent shipping cost.
I suspect these books might be listed on CDJapan soon? But until then, I do not know of any other online store from which you could get all 4 books so easily for international fans (I am only talking from my personal experience, I obviously don't know about everything that's offered online ^^;)

公式ガイドブック ツバサ SToRy CHRoNiCLE: KCDX


公式ガイドブック ツバサ CARACTere CHRoNiCLE: KCDX

update: Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Hen Arc 1 [Special Edition] w/mangaka set

EDIT[10/25]: a new ad was posted for the TWC books. I unfortunately can't read it, but I believe it's quite obvious it says that the artbook will have 64pages. There is going to be 23 artworks of TWC, and the rest will be from TRC.

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A new little countdown picture was uploaded: there is 3 weeks left until the lottery.

Here goes also 2 photos of the items, I like these kind of pictures which are not necessarily well taken or pretty, but gives a more realistic feel to the goods compared to the perfectly edited and gorgeous ones on the website. It's good to see the proportions between the items too.

It wasn't posted on the website, but here you can see the back of the enveloppe which contain the illustration: all the chibis appear on it.
So if you are not interested in the lottery's awards, and are just a fan of CLAMP/CCS who want to collect their artworks, you can pretty much limit yourself to purchasing this one award.

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The Tsubasa CARACTere CHRoNiCLE and ILLuSTRaTION CHRoNiCLE release dates have moved from November to December 2nd. The Tsubasa SToRy CHRoNiCLE will be released later in December.
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link: http://sn.bpnavi.jp/sakura5/

FINALLY  updated!!! These past couple of weeks were quite surprising for me, since I was expecting to get news about this Ichiban Kuji way before now, but it seems like this was calculated on their part: they updated exactly one month before the lottery will take place (november 12th) and we even got a countdown-like picture made for it (they did the same for the pervious lottery too):



As you can see on the listing bellow, there is plenty of new artworks by CLAMP starting, of course, with the new illustration (the special prize) featuring Sakura and Yue, and then 9 new chibis: 3 Sakura, 1 Tomoyo, 1 Syaoran, 1 Kero, 1 Spinel, 1 Yue, 1 Eriol (so rare!) and even 1 Ruby Moon! Their are all wearing newly designed magic themed clothes ^__^

Prizes line up:

I unfortunately don't know what this last thing is about, but I am putting it here anyway:

And here, I naively thought this time around I wouldn't ruin myself for an ichiban kuji, it's once again a lost case ;___;
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CLAMP-NET has updated with information on the upcoming Tsubasa Official Guidebooks.

Forgive the rehash, but here are the details again...
- Detailed analysis of the characters (not just the main characters)
- Top 5 characters rated
- Interview with CLAMP
- Storyboards of Tsubasa World Chronicle - Nirai Kanai
- Horitsuba comic not previously published in a book
- Cover illustration & poster
- Release Nov 17

Tsubasa ILLuSTRaTION CHRoNiCLE (mini artbook)
- 23 illustrations from Tsubasa World Chronicle - Nirai Kanai
- And scenes from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle in color
- Release Nov 17

Tsubasa SToRy CHRoNiCLE
- History of the story from the Tokyo arc to Nirai-kanai arc
- Interview with CLAMP
- Illustrations contributed from other mangaka
- Kinugawa Onsen-hen comic
- Cover illustration & poster
- Release mid-Dec
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There's a new line of xxxHOLiC-themed 'Line app stickers'. I think you need to download the app to get the sticker, but the preview image has some cute pictures.

And be sure you are following Nekoi Tsubasa on twitter as she is posting a few Halloween-themed illustrations this month.

And of course follow CLAMP's twitter account to see the numerous High & Low movie fanart.

And there's a bunch of new CCS products at Animate including hand cream, water bottles and bento box items.
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For the ones who are not aware of it, the first volume of the new series of CCS : Clear Cards arc, is scheduled to be released on December 2nd, 2016 in Japan.

There is going to be a normal edition and a special limited one, the later will come with a “mangaka set” featuring watercolor pencils, a comic pen shaped like the sealing wand, a tracing board shaped like a Clow card and more...which is all nice and good, but as you can in the newly revealed ad bellow, the price was revealed, and the special edition cost 2280jpy+tax (meaning 2462jpy), which is a LOT! D:

If you are not used to purchase japanese books, if I were to make a comparison, 2500jpy would be comfortably the price of a full fledge big A4 artbook with more than a hundred colored illustrations printed on glossy smooth paper, and mind you: I said 'comfortably the price of...'... but in this case, while it is indeed great that we got a mangaka set, as far as we know, the book itself is the regular edition: normal book with ~180pages, all in black and white and nothing out of the ordinary...

Available for pre-order at Animate online store (japan residents only): 【コミック】カードキャプターさくら クリアカード編(1) カードキャプターさくら 特製まんが家セット付き特装版
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FUNimation has just released the complete Code Geass anime series on Blu-Ray in a Collector's edition box set. Along with the two seasons of anime, it also contains all the picture dramas, 16 CLAMP illustrated postcards, and collector's box.

While they don't use the CLAMP-illustrated box, they've uploaded the lovely illustration up on their website as a downloadable wallpaper.

[Amazon link]
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The folks @MangaMagJapon tipped me off on twitter about news from Shonen Magazine about the following upcoming Tsubasa books. (Thx to @MangaMagJapan for the scan!!!)

 photo CuXL0i_VUAEwcln.jpg

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Saga - Character Book
- Fact sheets about the characters
- Interview with CLAMP
- Drafts of Tsubasa World Chronicle
- Horitsuba comic not previously included in other books
- Cover illustration & poster not previously published
- Release Nov 17

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Saga - Artbook
- 23 illustrations from Tsubasa World Chronicle
- And illustrations and best scenes from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
- Release Nov 17

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Saga - Guidebook
- History of the story from the Tokyo arc to Nirai-kanai arc
- Trade secrets
- Interview with CLAMP
- Illustrations from other mangaka
- Kinugawa Onsen-hen comic
- Cover illustration & poster will be original new artwork
- Release Dec 16

Will update when more info comes out.
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xxxHOLiC will be performed as a drama reading stage event which will include an original screenplay by CLAMP and music direction by Yusaku Tsuchiya.

Performance date: January 28-29, 2017
Cast: Sayaka Ohara (Yuuko), Jun Fukuyama (Watanuki), Kazuya Nakai (Doumeki), Mika Kikuchi (Mokona)
Preorder tickets starting October 13th.

Official site
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It was released 2 days ago and I did pre-order it, nonetheless, it was pre-ordered with other items which will be released later this year (to save on shipping cost, I try to group together my items as often as possible...) so you will not be getting scans of photos from me anytime soon, sorry ;__;

Still, these are some pics I found online so far:

The 2 sided calendar have 6 cards which are made of heavy cardstock, and at the bottom on the pics, you can see a cutting line: the calendar part can be cleanly removed afterward, and you will be left only with the illustrations! ^_^ (it's little details like these that make the difference!)

As for the choice of artworks, I don't know how the whole thing looks like, but it's quite obvious that they chose to print and publish the 2013 moblie game illustrations. I suspect the other months are probably the same. (I also saw a comment on amazon.co.jp of a fan reviewing that the october month has a Halloween themed picture, which is also one of the 2013 mobile game pics)

EDIT [oct 7th]: big BIG thanks to both [livejournal.com profile] himitsuru and [livejournal.com profile] sayorannguyen for posting so many interesting links and sharing great pics of this item!! Please chech their comments to see it all, I am only posting a few images out of the lot here:

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All these clothing collaborations this year will cover all your cosplaying needs. Check out Secret Honey's website for more on the above CCS school outfit and CCS clow card dress to be released Oct 24th.
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Well, the subject of this post almost says it all: there is a 'CCS Limited Shop' which, as its name says, will be open for a limited time: from today, September 16th until October 4th at the Tokyo Shinjuku Marui Annex.

There will be CCS goods sold there, including pre-release and new products.
There is also an Exhibition Corner, showing off cell images and character panel of the anime "Card Captor Sakura".

In addition, the Lolita clothing brand "BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT" in sales in the 7th floor in the over-the-counter, will be responsible for the exhibition of the collaboration dress (I believe it's the Sakura pink Lolita dress that was revealed recently, which is a replica of the ilustration of the 2016 artbook cover).

There will  be a lottery: the customers who spend more than 2160jpy will be able to participate, the prizes are:
A賞 ミニスタンディ  (全5種) ※1点お選びいただけます。  - mini Stan di (all five) ※ 1 point you can choose.
B賞 ブロマイドセット (3種1組)  - bromide set (three one set)
C賞 ポストカード  - Post Card

And finally, there will also be a Magic Photo shoot corner for the fans to take pictures: (from the looks of it, they put accessories on the side *wand, Kero*, that's a nice touch ^_^)


新宿マルイアネックス 7F イベントスペース ONE Labo

11:00~21:00 日曜祝日は11:00~20:30

※ 最終日は19:00までの営業とさせていただきます。

[Holding period]
September 16th, 2016 (Friday) to October 4th (Tuesday)

Shinjuku Marui Annex 7F event space ONE Labo

【business hours】
11:00 to 21:00 Sundays and public holidays 11:00 to 20:30

※ 19 · 22 days of public holiday because of Marco and Maruo of 7 days 21: 00 will be operating with is up to.
last day it will be considered as open until 19:00.

[Source: https://www.0101.co.jp/005/store-info/fair.html?article_id=1463]


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