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🌟 Card Captor Sakura Christmas Party in HARAJUKU 🌟

The above picture is the paper mat given as a benefit with the ticket

Here goes one more events to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Card Captor Sakura! It will be held at the AREA-Q of the Tokyo queue Plaza Harajuku for a limited time: from December 2d, and will last until December 25th.

This time, it's a cafe which has as a theme: "Sakura 's Christmas party". In the menu: a Christmas plate with a cookie that looks like Kero, and  many different drinks at the image of the characters and the cards: there are 10 drinks in total, 6 at the image of characters (Sakura, Kero, Syaoran, Tomoyo, Touya and Yukito) and 4 at the image of Clow Cards (The Fly, The Flower, The Mirror, The Light and The Dark together). As a bonus with the drinks: original coasters are included.

Needless to say, the store will have Christmas decorations: screening of images on a big screen monitor, exhibition of original contents, screening of images that can only be seen at "Card Captor Sakura Christmas Party in HARAJUKU" to celebrate the 20th anniversary of serialization, looking back on the history since the series started, and more.
Also, during the event's period, Kero (meaning a big mascot) will also come and visit the store. Of course, original goods will be sold, and after the event, it will be possible to get them through mail order.

Tickets will be on sale on the official website of the cafe starting from November 11th, today. Visitor benefits such as hoods, luncheon mats and original novelty goods are included in the tickets. Check the reservation method and future information on the official website of the Cafe and Twitter.

The above pictures are the sticker (left) and the bookmarks (there are 2 types, given randomly)

Card Captor Sakura Christmas Party in HARAJUKU

Period: December 2d, 2016 to 25th (Sunday)
Venue: AREA-Q
Price: 2700 yen > ★ In addition to admission fee, the ticket charge includes: food (original Christmas plate = the plate with the Kero cookie you can see above), sticker, bookmark and paper luncheon mat. All seats will be designated.

Twitter account dedicated to this xmas event: https://twitter.com/ccsakura_CP
Website with all the details you need about this xmas event: http://www.areaq.jp/ccsakura/

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