Oct. 12th, 2016

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FINALLY  updated!!! These past couple of weeks were quite surprising for me, since I was expecting to get news about this Ichiban Kuji way before now, but it seems like this was calculated on their part: they updated exactly one month before the lottery will take place (november 12th) and we even got a countdown-like picture made for it (they did the same for the pervious lottery too):



As you can see on the listing bellow, there is plenty of new artworks by CLAMP starting, of course, with the new illustration (the special prize) featuring Sakura and Yue, and then 9 new chibis: 3 Sakura, 1 Tomoyo, 1 Syaoran, 1 Kero, 1 Spinel, 1 Yue, 1 Eriol (so rare!) and even 1 Ruby Moon! Their are all wearing newly designed magic themed clothes ^__^

Prizes line up:

I unfortunately don't know what this last thing is about, but I am putting it here anyway:

And here, I naively thought this time around I wouldn't ruin myself for an ichiban kuji, it's once again a lost case ;___;


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