Sep. 1st, 2016

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People, you can start sheding bloody tears, I mean, the cover of the CCS 2017 calendar (anime version) scheduled for release early october, was revealed....

....and it's an old artwork again...

Experience from the past few years has shown that when the cover is an old picture, the whole thing is...I am more disappointed this year compared to the previous ones, because I had high expectations due to CCS's 20th anniversary, the new manga and the annoucement of a new anime.

Nonetheless, it's still a very big A2 sized calendar with 7 pages of glossy paper and well printed anime artworks, and which potentially never made it in the artbooks! :)

I remind you that this calendar can be pre-ordered from pretty much everywhere for international fans: CDJapan, Amiami etc...
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With an average of 35 pages per chapter, it is no surprise that we are getting to the end of a volume (which will have around 180 pages - 5 chapters), and they waited no time between the last chapter (ch05 will be published in the nakayoshi early october) and the release of the first volume, which is great ^_^

And so! Volume 1 of CCS CC will be released on December 2nd, 2016.
There is no further information, so far, as to if there will be different editions (normal and special?), any bonuses, the price, or how it will look like.


And here is also further info about the CCS Memorial box, scheduled to be released on October 3rd:

This new ad page shows us the apperance of the Kero plushy and also 2 pages of the calendar, but it makes no sens to say these are artworks that were never printed before though: both pics are 'old', so I personally assume, and hope, that it's only a temporary sample and not the final thing:

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Baby, The Stars Shine Bright has revealed their Cardcaptor Sakura 20th Anniversary-inspired dress for your cosplaying needs.

 photo ccsakura_img_sample.jpg

Click here for preorders and pricing.
The complete outfit will be 63,720 yen.
It will be available April 2017, but you must preorder it beforehand.

CLAMP's original illustration below.
 photo ccsakura_img.jpg


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