Aug. 19th, 2016

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The product was listed today in amiami (right HERE) and these are the details they put about it:


[Set Contents]
-Card-shaped calendar
-B6 booklet


Author: CLAMP

(1) Special clear sleeve designed with new illustration by CLAMP
(2) "Special 1/1 Kero-chan plush" made based on (1) illustration
(3) "Nakayoshi furoku-fuu birei calendar" including 5 illustrations that are published as a book for the first time
(4) "Special booklet" (16 pages) including bangai hen manga.

*Manga work included in the booklet is a rerecording of short stories that were included in 1998 released "Cardcaptor Sakura illustration collection".


So yes, it's now 100% confirmed that we are getting the oneshot from the 90's artbook...
It's interesting to see they are using yet again a clear sleeve, like they did for the artbook and the special edition of vol09.
It's also a surprinsingly nice touch of them to take the pain to make a Kero plushy which looks like the artwork of the memorial box: they could have just put a random plush toy version of Kero ^^;
As for the calendar's illustrations, it feels like they are going to use the latest pictures released these past few month in the Nakayoshi, which is not bad really: they are all quite nice and having a textless and well printed version is good ^_^
I'm not sure what to feel about the "card shaped" calendar though: I hope they are not talking about the dimensions, because it means it's going to be quite little ^^;

EDIT: also available for pre-order at CDJAPAN and AMAZON.CO.JP

EDIT [08/23]:


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