Jul. 3rd, 2016

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To commemorate the release of the "Clear Card Edition" new CCS manga, a big costumed Kero appeared in Tokyo's Kinokuniya Seibu Shibuya on July 2nd.

This costume was produced in accordance with the new work. It's not its first appearance thogh: he was seen first in the 2016 Tokyo Toy Show, which was held in June. People who got the ticket enjoyed a two-shot shooting of Kero-chan.

This event on July 2d coincided with the release of the August issue of Nakayoshi, which contained the 2d chapter of Card Captor Sakura clear card Edition That issue came with memos with illustrations drawn by CLAMP.

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Nakayoshi July issue of the series was the start of the "Card Captor Sakura clear card Edition", and it was nearly sold out after only one week.

Ms. Ikuko Nakazato (the editor-in-chief), in response to this:  "I have to apologize for any inconvenience to a lot of readers. I want to re-read the legendary masterpiece "Card Captor Sakura"! This new series is a dream come true for the readers and the editorial department, the "ultimate excitement", and it started by getting sold out, which made us look forward even more to the future of Sakura project! A lot of readers did not have the opportunity to get the issue, I am feeling really sorry. When a strong new series and a strong appendix are combined, that makes them even stronger!"
It was a big surprise for everyone, even in the editorial department of Nakayoshi.

[I used an online translator for this, and modified quite a bit to make it understandable].

[source: natalie]


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