Jun. 3rd, 2016

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This is not just any update, I believe that what we've seen until now was nothing but the shell of a website (or even less than that...), and that it was finally opened today, there is a BIG difference so go check it out!!


There are now (quick summary):

-NEWS: the obvious > all the latest news concerning CCS!
-MANGA: with the listing of all the covers
-ANIME: with short summaries and screenshots of all 72 episodes, organized by season + the 2 movies. I suspect it will be updated again when the new anime is aired, or at least when more info about it will be released
-GOODS: [closed at the moment]
-EVENT: events in CCS world > for the moment, mostly the Animate Cafe thing
-SPECIAL: Card Captor Sakura Newspaper

> Link: http://ccsakura-official.com/special/paper.html

There isn't enough information for me to be able to tell what this "newspaper" is, the feeling I got is that this will simply be a special page in the official webpage.
The first issue would be distributed at the Tokyo Toy Show 2016 : the Takara Tomy booth > more info about it here
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Thanks to the new website, we also got info about the next issue of Nakayoshi and more precisely, CCS CC 2nd chapter of course ;)


なかよし8月号(7月2日発売)の第2話もカラー付きで掲載予定! かわいい☆CLAMP特別描きおろしのミニキャライラストが載っている「カードキャプターさくら カードメモ」ふろくも登場予定! お楽しみに!

ONLINE TRANSLATION - commemorative planning of series start 20 anniversary!

★ the 2nd chapter of the new series will get a special appendix
The second chapter of Nakayoshi's August issue (July 2 release) will be published with color! Cute ☆ CLAMP special draw down "Card Captor Sakura Card memo" Minichara illustrations is on the Appendix will also appear soon! Look forward to it!

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In this tweet posted by Kohatan today in which she comments about the new manga of card captor sakura, we can see, from their backs, 2 little nendos of Sakura: one is the nendoroid co-de kitten edition that has already been announced (though, no prototype has been shown to this day, this is the first), and we can see another one right next to it, with pigtails and a crown on her head, which must be the costume of the 2d OP! THAT is new!

No official announcement has been made yet, but with this photo posted publicly and the prototypes already done, we will be getting more info real soon for sure!


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