May. 31st, 2016

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So, first thing first, a short definition for the people not familiar with PURIKURA: simple, in Japan, pruikura is the shortened form of "print club" in Japanese, refers to photo sticker booths that print out stickers of photo portraits set against backgrounds and frames selected by the user.
 = it's a photo booth

In commemoration of the new work that will begin in the July issue (June 3 release) of Nakayoshi, "Card Captor Sakura" print sealing machine come into play!

These installations will be made for a very limited time: from June 3rd (the day the first chapter of CCS will be released) until June 15th, that's it.
The cost: 500jpy.
Total of prints you can choose from: 5.

source: nakayoshi

Even though there is a new illustration, something I always welcome, I was still a bit disappointed to see, once again, a young Sakura in her childhood days from the 90's series and not her teenager self, since this is actually made to celebrate the new manga...that was until I realized there was indeed something "special" about it: this is the first, as far as I can remember, that CLAMP drew both Sealing Key and Star Key in one drawing, this association is logically unheard of since when the Star Key was created, the Sealing one ceased to exist...


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