May. 30th, 2016

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I already made another post with some pages, but here goes a few more preview pictures.
Nonetheless, I will not be posting anymore even if I see more of them: the full chapter will definitely be available online in the next few days, so I think this is more than enough already ^^; (though, in my case, I will be patient and wait until I get my own copy of the magazine next week...well, I'll try not to spoil myself!)

It seems like this page in particular might be some sort of like the opening of this new arc, it says "When all cards are aligned, that's not the ending, that is the beginning of the ending".
I personally take this as CLAMP annoucement that this is truly THE END, and that we won't ever see more CCS beyond this manga in the future, this is the final ending.
Most fans of CLAMP always ask for it: to end their series, but for this one particular case of CCS, I felt my heart drop when I saw this sentence...

“Yeah, I’m also happy.”
“U-Um, thanks for coming back home with me. You’re staying on that mansion again, right? Even though it’s the other way…”

“I just wanted to be with you a little longer.”

Syaoran gives back the teddy bear to Sakura and tells her it might be missing her after being apart from her for long. He suggest to exchange their teddy bears for a while (why...? @_@ don't freak me out from the first chapter, Syaoran!)

I do not know what this wing accessory is (a gift from Syaoran?), but she put it inside the jewellery box together with her Star Key.


Now, let's talk about something real important : we got the name of the third arc of Card Captor Sakura > After the Clow Cards arc (vol01-06) and the Sakura Cards arc (vol07-12), we are not celebrating the beginning of the Clear Cards arc.
This is only an opinion of mine: but it looks like we might surprisingly get 6 volumes, that is, IF Clamp continue the trend of 6 books per arc, which doesn't feel like such a far fetched idea actually. Especially if this is the "ultimate ending" that will conclude forever their most popular series, which made them known worldwide.


These are 2 pictures released previously: I thought that the cards being blank was only to emphasis Sakura, or because the drawing would be too 'heavy' with so many cards with such an intricate design, but no, it seems like this was about this "Clear Card" arc after all!


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