Mar. 16th, 2016

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There is a total of 10 clips, featuring Sakura  (2 clips, one in school uniform and one in battle costume), Syaoran (2 clips, one in school uniform and one in battle costume), Tomoyo, Kero-chan, Spinel, Touya, Yukito and Yue.
These clips come each in its separate package, nonetheless, they are sold as a complete collection, with 10 packs/BOX.
This set is released in celebration of Card Captor Sakura series 20th Anniversary (1996-2016) and it's scheduled to be released in June 2016 for 3700jpy (without tax).
You can pre-order this box from a bit everywhere already, I personally saw it on amazon japan, amiami, hobby search etc..

There is also a bonus clip featuring Sakura and Syaoran together (costumes from Movie 2: battle costumes on one side, and the school play costumes on the other side), but it can only be obtained if the clips set is purchased directly from the distributor's online shop: link


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