Feb. 29th, 2016

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In the radio program 21, CLAMP talked quite a while about Card Captor Sakura, so you might want to go take a look at it right HERE.

To read the whole very detailed summary, follow the link above to chibiyuuto's blog, but I will list the major points here:
- They talked about CCS being re-broadcasted on NHK, a government channel.
- For CCS anniversary as well they started speaking about the new artbook to be out for sale on March 24th: since they had the manga re-edited recently, the design of the artbook will be lined up with the same atmosphere that the manga re-edition has. Mokona says that if you put it together it will feel like is a set.
- Ohkawa says that in the anime the characters school grades change within the story, she doesn’t commonly set all that kind of details but she tried this in CCS saying Sakura was a 4th year student. As a consequence of that, through all the school year you have a lot of events (festivals, etc) going on.
- They talk about the height difference between Sakura and Shaoran.
– Ohkawa says that they don’t really watch that much the CCS anime, since it is pretty long: if they watch something, they watch the movies, but still she gets a little embarrassed.

I really strongly recommend you to go read the whole thing, the list above is just a tiny part of the entire text, it is always very interesting to hear about CLAMP's thoughts!


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