Feb. 20th, 2016

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My! Aren't we lucky!?
Animate just shared on their twitter account a lot bigger version of the new illustration by CLAMP, and of good resolution too !
How generous for us, fans ❤ ❤

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CLAMP are very specific about being “Nirai Kanai hen” arc’s final chapter, NOT “Tsubasa - WoRLD CHRoNiCLE -” as a whole. [次号は「-ニライカナイ編-」最終回!]
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CLAMP blog entry

Well, I would lie if I said I was surprised, actually, I would be surprised if anyone out there was seriously shocked by this news: the maths are quite easy here -> we know Syaoran is condemned to travel through worlds indefinitely + the title was changed to "Tsubasa World Chronicles" + there is evem a "subtitle": Nirai Kanai Hen, showing us clearly this was only one world out of many that they were visiting...
Also, looking at Nirai Kanai Hen events, nothing in it affected or advanced the Story as a whole, it was way too much of an independant story (although I can't say I was against getting a breather from all the drama, and just have the guys play around for a bit for once) besides these few last chapters in which Clone|Daddy Syaoran was included, and Watanuki's goods seem to have a purpose.

Considering that Syaoran is my forever favorite male character, my opinion is totally biased, so I will say I am very happy the probability of seeing more of him is quite high, but I can perfectly understand that some fans are not too happy with it all, or even angry. (and asking for their other series on hiatus to be restarted)

Another thing, is that if there is really going to be more TWC, I hope CLAMP won't be taking a 5 years break like last time: if a series is on-going, then just release the chapters, else we are SERIOUSLY all going to be really old when TWC ends with 5 years breaks between each arc ^^; (scary!) Well, I say that but I don't think it's going to happen, it will be more like a few months break? 1 year?...or are we getting an inmediate continuation right away? @_@ Clamp are not getting any younger after all, there are all nearing their 50s, logically, I don't think they really have the luxury to let years and years pass by like this, or at least, not 5 years periods; they will retire at some point after all...


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