Feb. 16th, 2016

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Yes, xxxholic is still on-going, even though the release of the chapters is quite not a weekly thing like it was supposed to be, but more like a ... urrhh ... "when Clamp need/feel like it" kind of serialization hahaha~
I suppose they might tie the events inside of xxxholic with the ending of TWC?

Anyway, we are getting a new chapter in the "Young Magazine" No. 13, which will be released on February 29th, the very last day of the month.
There is no further chapter of xxxholic listed on Clamp's schedule for the moment.
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Yes, it does exist! It's not a legend! XD
It was shown in this Wonfes winter 2016 event, which took place a week ago in Japan.
I remind you that GSC announced that they would be releasing figmas of all 3 girls from the Magic Knight Rayearth series. Nonetheless there have been no news since then, a complete silence for a year...

The only prototype (not painted) shown was of Hikaru, and it shall be released at the end of the year: she is in her battle costume and holding her sword in her hand.
Will they release all 3 of them together? Or separately to spare the wallets of the fans? (more likely...I don't see anyone purchasing 3 figmas at once...). )


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