Feb. 7th, 2016

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It's WONFES 2016 right now in Japan! A very awaited events in which we get to see the latest releases and future announcements of mostly figures ^_^
And Card Captor Sakura was not missing to the event!

Here are the announcements by Good Smile Company:

FIGFIX Sakura Kinomoto - battle costume

Well, this one is not new, it was announced at least a year ago, and a non-colored prototype has been leaked a few months ago too. Nonetheless, this is our first time seeing the final painted product, which will be released in 2016, but no exact date was revealed yet. And they made it quite clear they are including this in the 20th anniversary event this year hahaha~

NENDOROID Co-de Sakura Kinomoto - battle costume - Kitten

This is NEW!! This is a new nendoroid of Sakura, with yet another of her most popular and known costume: kitty costume!!
I believe the image bellow is very likely the final fixed pose of this nendo co-de.

What is a nendoroid Co-de?

Nendoroid Co-de is a new addition to the Nendoroid series based on the theme of dressing-up characters! The figures have fixed poses and each come with four parts – the head, upper garment, lower garment and shoes. Each of these parts can be swapped between characters allowing for all sorts of possibilities. The more you collect, the more dress-up options become available to you!

The name ‘Co-de’ comes from the Japanese pronunciation of the word ‘coordinate’, as in clothes coordination.


SCALE FIGURE - Sakura Kinomoto - design by CLAMP!!

Aaaaannnnddd!! I left the biggest and most exciting news for the end: A NEW FIGURE based on CLAMP's design!!

There have been countless figures released this past years, and I have no doubt there are more to come beside the ones listed in this post, but this is THE first figure which is actually going to be designed by CCS creators: CLAMP!
I believe this is going to be THE figure which will arise the most expectations, ever, from the whole CCS fandom!
The only info given as of yet is that it's going to be a scale figure of Sakura, I'm not sure if this is to be expected for 2016 or not, but the only thing I can advise is: if you want this, start saving money N-O-W! This is not a little nendo or a figma, this is a scale figure = depending on how much work they put on it, and the scale (1/8th? 1/7th? 1/4th?), don't be surprised it this easily goes beyond 200usd. Don't say I didn't warn you guys!

EDIT: what it actually says on the picture bellow is "Sakura Kinomoto: Original Illustration Scale Figure".
From the tweet posted by gsc_kahotan, and from the "original" illustration, my personal understanding of this announcement was that it would be a new design by CLAMP.
Else, I sincerely do not see the logic behind it: that it's a character by CLAMP, originated from one artwork or another they made in the 90's, could have been said of all the CCS nendos and figmas released until now; no, actually, this could have been said of all the figures as a whole ever released to this day.

Still, in the doubt, it might very disappointingly end up being a figure based on an old illustration? EXTREMELY unlikely though.

And finally, I am asking again: where-is-Syaoran ?!
Which is why: please vote for it!!

Voting Period: 7th February 2016 - 15th February 2016 at 21:00JST

If you also want a nendoroid Syaoran Li to be released by GSC, please do this survey: Good Smile Company Nendoroid 10th Anniversary event - Next Nendoroid Survey



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