Jan. 21st, 2016

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I'm not too sure what they had in mind when they drew this, or why was it part of a tweet about today's radio program, but these pictures of Syaoran with many different facial expressions is funny ^_^
Several of them makes me think of "Syaoron" from Holitsuba Gakuen XD

[click the thumbnail to enlarge the pic]

EDIT: Explanation, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] clstmk ,thanks!!!: "there's an anime called Osomatsu-san (6 brothers as main characters) that airs right now and Miyu Irino, Seiyuu of Syaoran, is doing the voice of Todomatsu, the youngest brother. (The twitter has Syao-matsu-san (しゃお松さん), which is Syaoran x Osomatsu-san)"
From the looks of it, Clamp had fun making a 'Syaoran-matsu-san' ver. of the sextuplet ^_^

Ironically enough though, there *IS* a total of exactly 6 'Syaoran' in Clamp's universe:
1-Syaoran Li (card captor sakura)
2-Syaoran (the one from volume 01 of TRC, which is a clone of Tsubasa/Syaoran Li, created with magic by Fei Wang Reed)
3-Tsubasa (also 'syaoran') Li (TRC and TWC)
4- Syaoran Li (the one that got reincarnated and lead a whole new life in another world, Tsubasa's father)
5-Syaoran Li ( youngest twin, Holitsuba Gakuen)
6-Syaoron Li (eldest twin, Holitsuba Gakuen)


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