Jan. 5th, 2016

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To be sincere, I haven't been posting every single new items released lately, I suppose I will make a post in the future with many thing in it at once, but still, I wanted to share this since I found those  1-really adorable 2-very symbolic of CCS series and SxS and 3-the preordering period on Animate's website is VERY short: until January 11th, or until end of stock, meaning you have 1 week guys!!

Last year, 'life size' (=30 cm) bears were 2 of the prizes of the Movic Lottery; this year,  on April 1st, 2016, we will get 12 cm keychains articulated (you can move their arms and legs, so you can make them sit for example) pink and green bears!

Syaoran Green Bear 【グッズ-マスコット】カードキャプターさくら くまマスコット 小狼

Sakura Pink Bear 【グッズ-マスコット】カードキャプターさくら くまマスコット さくら


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